Exploring the Charms of Campbell’s Park Resort: A First-time Visitor’s Delightful Tour

Would you like a nose around Campbell’s Park Resort? Come on. I’ll take you with me. When you’re checking in, there’s two receptions, Aloha or Mediterranean. And my taxi man says, Mrs. Where are you going? As a. Sure, I haven’t include.

It’s my first time here. Anyway, that’s the aloha check in. That’s the Villa Bonita. That’s where I was staying. Cuz I’m full of notions now. You know me.

So I said I’m going to go for the posh one, the newly renovated ones. Oh, they’re the bikes. They’re mad for the bikes over here. You can pause if you want to see the prices.

I won’t be bike riding or riding anything else for that matter. I’m on holidays. That’s one of the pools with an artificial beach, if you don’t mind. Look at that. One of the kitty pools here.

And then across the other way, there’s like the jungle pools. Lovely little elephants and all. Fantastic. Mere cash is that market in Spanish? I don’t know. I could have made that up. There’s a hairdresser, a beauty sell on lady. Does the wrap thin in the hairy, you know, fantastic.

Or these are the apartments. Listen, I tried my best now to kind of peek in the windows, but, you know, I was afraid in case I’d be arrested, you know, so I couldn’t get the insides them. But don’t they look fantastic? Now, these are the Villa Bonisos. That’s where I was staying.

Now in the Villa, Bonnie says, you know, just because, you know, I think it’s the novelty of the brice brightly colored houses, you know, I mean, could you imagine if I tried to pay my house at home? A terrace tells that price, right? We should go away. The notions. Ask me.

I couldn’t. These are the hello halls then, aren’t they fantastic? And they all have a lovely little patio area, beautiful patio furniture and everything to Vine. Now this is the courtesy shower room and they’ll hold your luggage for you as well, which is absolutely fantastic because check in is 4 p. M, check out is 11 a.

M. And of course, Michael, Olivia Ryner wouldn’t fish his flights around that, you know, so that’s handy.

You can have a dip in the pool and whatever else now when you come out of campus, I want you to follow the road. Mind yourself under zebra crossing, right? And get into that shop, Deco Fortune, by all means, it’s a massive China shop. You can get anything and everything inside there. And for the love of Nancy, by yourself, two decent size mugs are only about €1.

I mean, in all fairness, Irish, we love a decent cup of tea. And the cops and cameras are absolutely tiny. Down that road then is Mercadonna supermarket, aim. And Ryan, you listening? Look at the cycle lanes. They’re much more refined than at home.

Meter distance Myers at the football pitches, basketball courts, trampolines, crazy golf, ping pong tables. It’s all there to keep you in things. It’s kind of a little arcades thing here inside in one of the restaurants. But unless you enjoy being faced by your children, I’d tell them they’re out of bounds. Do you know that then is the spa area and the gym. I didn’t go there at all time on my holidays. That’s another restaurant there right in front of the main pool.

And that’s the stage where they have the nighttime entertainment. They’re absolutely fantastic. Now, unfortunately, these were close when I went up, but that’s a little ice cream shop there and I could see people walking around with pizza boxes and chips.

And you know me, I’m a savage as like, where are they getting them? I’ll pork. So take note. That’s where you get the takeaways and you can bring it back to your house.

Got now there’s a kidi’s cap and a medico there. That’s a doctor for you. There’s a couple of shops down there as well as showing them now in a minute, right in front of the main pool. No hassle getting a sunlounger at all. So you know, you don’t have to be baiting each other for them.

Lots of balls there if you like your balls. A little beautiful little shop there. Souvenirs, clothes, knickknacks. Personally, I’d go to the China shop. They’re very expensive. Don’t tell anyone I said that. Supermarkets, fine wine section, look at that. You can get anything and everything.

Harry Bow section. My child love that. Now I am calorie counting, so, but I did have one or two cuz I’m on my holidays.

You get everything in the supermarket now and so do. You won’t be caught short for anything. Oh, geez. The bakery. Oh, the bakery. Oh, my God. Divine. This is my home.

There for the duration, villa. And these are the new ones, the newly renovated. I stayed in VB15. You don’t be looking at my clothes there now. And you can’t come in. So take no notice now, the mess, right, Mark? Right.

And, oh, just look at the back up in the counter. I’m disgrace. I couldn’t show you over there cuz the husband is sitting at the table. Right. But this is the shower room, right?

I’m telling you now, you’d get the whole family and all your relatives and your whole family tree into that shower was absolutely glorious. This is the main bedroom. I actually shove the bed against the wall. It didn’t come like that now at all. You know, don’t be looking in there now.

That’s not your business. Alright. And then she say, oh my God, where’s the toilet? So there’s a separate room for the toilet. And I brought my own toilet room. This works. My bowels play havoc with me in the heat, you know. Second bedroom then has two single beds and there’s a sofa bed out in the living area as well. So that’s cameras. Isn’t an absolutely glorious. Oh, Huawei.