Quarterly Report: Canine Units’ Outstanding Performance and Expansion Plans

To upload our canine units in their quarterly report of January, February and March. They managed to perform, their performance was outstanding, where they manage to conduct 5,128 trackings during the months of January to March 2024. There is a slight increase because by this time last year, 2023, we had 4,902 trackings by our canine units. And we are also happy to inform the public that by the end of this year, I think by this quarter, we are extending canine services to 13 more districts to which are supposed to benefit from canine services. Of course, you know that our canine unit is one of those support, specialized support units that helped to prevent, detect and investigate crime. And of course, so we use these canine docs basically for trucking suspects and apprehension, for narcotic and explosive detection, for such a rescue, crowd control and dispasso. But with not been using these dogs for crowd disperse or otherwise. It is, we can always bring them out in very extreme cases because we have the aggressive ones that can help to dispasse crowds. We are now, they are still operating in Naihaan districts and also at Interim International Airport at all border points where we do have the explosive detection dogs. And so the 13 other units or districts where we are extending the canine services include Kanongo, Chicago. Koma simbi nabi apa aja manny ago. Udah mana kasih ke?

So this will bring, this 13 additional deployments will bring the number of stations to 104, and each station has at least two sniffer dogs. And we are also happy to inform the public that the numbers of our police dogs has actually grown by the, by 2007, we had about 14 dogs. But because of the operas, operationalization of our breeding and training center in Nagarama, we have managed to breed these dogs. And by this year, we shall be knocking 300 in number. We shall be having 300K9 dogs and the docs that we are training around to, in 2010, we were importing a sniffer dog at 45 million. And right now, to import a sniffer dog, it can take up to $15,000. So we save about 80% by breeding these dogs here, and which is very good. So these dogs are rewarded and praised for their hard work that they do. We give them good food, care, exercise and Protection. And they are kept in a police Cano Cano where they remain bonded with a handler. And I would say there are people who are saying, no, I think the police dog sleeps very well. A police dog because. Has to be handled in a very, very, has to be handled actually with care because of its sensitivity that enables it to do good work. So we continue to Frank Gyros and the development partners. Gyros has so far extended donations of up to 26 motor vehicles and for three cycles to the police canine unit. And we want to remind the public that for these dogs really to do a good job, they should always preserve the crime sins and ensure that they report their cases in a timely manner.

Canine services are available 247, and they are free of charge. Whoever wants these services should get in touch with the DPC, the OCCID and O C station or any other relevant authority at that station. And for any further help, they can also call the canine headquarters on tofu Lion No. 0,8, double 0.3, double 0.9, double 0 for help.