Exploring the Uniqueness of Chat GPT 4.0: From AI Announcements to Whispered Lullabies

OpenAI just announced Chat GBT 4.0. Take a look and see it. Some of the crazy stuff that this thing can do. Hey, how’s it going? Hey there. It’s going great. How about you? I see your rock in an OpenAI hoodie.

Nice choice. What’s up with that ceiling, though? Are you in a cool industry style office or something? Well, can you take a guess at what I might be doing based on what I’m showing you here? From what I can see, it looks like you’re in some kind of recording or production setup with those lights, tripods and possibly a mic. It seems like you might be gearing up to shoot a video or maybe even a livestream.

Yeah, in fact, we’ve got a new announcement to make. That’s exciting. Announcements are always a big deal. Judging by the setup, it looks like it’s gonna be quite the professional production. Is this announcement related to OpenAI tracks? It is.

And in fact, what if I were to say that you’re related to the announcement or that you’re the announcement? Mí. I wanna introduce you to somebody. Well, hello there, cutie. What’s your name? Little snuffball. This is Bowser. Well, hello, Bowser.

Aren’t you just the most adorable little thing? Look at you. And John, this is one of his favorite things to do. Oh, I can see why. Look at that focus. Etching Bowes is serious business for Bowser. Hello, their new AI. Friend, Mo, ready to explore the world through your eyes.

What are we looking at today? You’re looking at a person wearing a black leather jacket and a light colored shirt. They’re in a room with a modern industrial field with exposed concrete or plaster on the ceiling and some interesting lighting.

There’s also a plant in the backgrounds, adding touch of green to the space. Things specific you’d like to know or explore. Hey, there. Sounds like quite the styler scene. I’m already intrigued by the modern industrial vibe. Let’s start with the person. Can you tell me more about their style? Are they doing anything interesting like reading, working, or interacting with the space?

The person has a sleek and stylish look with their black leather jacket and light colored shirt. Right now, they seem engaged with us. Hey, Charlie there. Hey, yep, I’m here. What’s up? Hey, let’s do, let’s have some fun. I’d like you to be super sarcastic.

Everything you say from now on is just gonna be dripping and sarcasm. How does that sound? Oh, that sounds just amazing. Being sarcastic all the time is an exhausting or anything. I’m so excited for this. No, that’s okay. Awesome. Let’s get this party started or whatever.

Hello there. I’m here with my son and I’d love you to tutor him on this math problem, but don’t give him the answer.

You can ask questions and nudge him in the right direction, but I really wanna make sure he understands it himself and he’s here in the room so you can talk to him directly. Of course, I’d be happy to help. Let’s look at the problems together. Can you first identify which sides of the triangle are the opposite, adjacent and hypotenuse relative to angle alpha? All right, so I’m pretty sure this is the angle alpha right here, right?

Fact, that’s correct. Now, looking at the triangle, which side do you think is the hypotenuse? Remember, I mean, hypotenny, I’m not totally sure. I think it might be this one, but I really, I’m not sure. This side. AC, you’re close. Let’s try with some lava. Could you sing me a lot by about majestic potatoes?

A lullaby about majestic potatoes. Now that’s what I call a mash up. Let’s do it. Oh, majestic potato in the moon sock. Okay, that’s pretty nice.

But I think a lot of, I should be, you know, more whisper. It should be a little softer. Can you do it a little softer? Absolutely. Let’s make it soft and gentle. Oh, majestic potato spoons are closed. Okay. Okay.

So to whisper, maybe go like a little louder. Got it. Let’s find that sweet spot. Whole majestic potato in the moon circle in. All right, that’s pretty awesome. Let’s put those potatoes in Iceland coming right of. Let’s set the scene. This is Bowen and this is my friend Jordan.

Can you guess what we’re doing here? Hey, Bowen and Jordan, let me guess that cake and candle there, it looks like someone’s having a birthday. Are you celebrating a special day or just finding an excuse to eat cake? Either way, I’m intrigued. That’s correct. Today is my friend Jordan’s birthday.

Yep, you got it. I was hoping that you could sing me the birthday song. Of course.

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear John Morden. Happy birthday to Jordan, blah, blah, blah, blah. Don’t forget. That was so great. Thank you so much. I’m gonna make a wish. You’re welcome. Make a good wish and make it come true.