Confessions of a Reluctant Taylor Swift Super Fan: How AI Helped Me Fake It Till I Made It

Honestly, this was like one of the worst experiences of my life. But I think enough time has passed now, or I can actually just talk about it. So about eight months ago, I was in Times Square in New York with my cousin when she saw in one of those apps that she has, it tells you where celebrities are. Taylor Swift was in town. She was actually at the McDonald’s in Time Square. So we’re only a few blocks away. And so we’re like, that doesn’t really make sense, but let’s go check it out. When we get there, this is like crowds are there, cars are pulled up. The McDonald’s is like boarded down.

There’s an event going on. We sneak around through the barriers and get to the back door where there’s a guy waiting there. And he says to us, oh, are you a part of the Taylor experience? What do you think we’re gonna say no, obviously, we say yes. He goes, okay, can I see your essay? And I’m like, I say, and I’m just like trying to get more information out of him to try and figure out like what this essay is. He’s like, yeah, every single Taylor fan who’s like a super fan that shows up with an essay talking about like everything that they know about Taylor and why she’s the best and like their personal experience with her. So we know that you’re like a real Taylor fan and not a faker and W, I mean, we’re both kind of fakers at this point. Like we’re fans, but we’re not like the super fans. So we can write a whole essay and I’m like, oh my gosh, we left it in the car. Like how many pages was it supposed to be? And they’re like, I was just supposed to be at least three. And so like, okay, great. We run off and we’re like, how are we gonna write an essay? And like the next few hours we can get into this event. And I remember that there is this website called drop by AI. I’m not even joking. I heard this from my buddy when I was in school that I used to write as essays using this website. You can go there and it’ll like, it kind of works like ChatGPT in a way of where it’ll write as you’re writing. So as I give it information, like I can pull up stuff about Taylor Swift and input there, and it’ll give me a baseline. Then when I start adding more information, it just added even more and even more and even more. And so we’re playing off each other. I’m telling you, we wrote a five page paper in like 15 minutes and it sounds like we lived and breathed Taylor Swift.

Okay. I mean, I use this on my like school assignments in the past, but apparently it came in clutch this time. Cuz after we went into a shop to put it off, we go back to him and give it to him. And they have literally like an inspector come out, like somebody who’s like Legit Taylor super fan, read over it really quick, allow us in, like two pages in, they’re like Letterman. So we get in there, everyone’s wearing like these t shirts with like a t in the shape of the McDonald’s m on them. And so we get handed one of those, which is pretty cool, like to be a part of that experience. And then Taylor was filming stuff in the kitchen. Like we can see back there. She’s there, but we’re over in like the lobby area, McDonald’s. Hours and hours pass. Finally, Taylor comes out to our section films for like 10 minutes. And it’s basically like her just then like being a server. I don’t know what this was for. But then after that, we wait for another two hours as they like tear stuff down, whatever, like Taylor’s gonna come back out and say hi to every single person that’s here. Sword thrill, right? We’re pumped she comes back out. She talks to every single fan that’s there, shakes their hand, like gives them a like a gift card, gives them early access to tickets on her next or I’m like, dude, I might even just have to sell that because that sounds like such a bag. But she just like was the kindest person to every single person.

And now I think I might be Taylor. So super fan. And so my worst fear came true. I became a tailor swift super fan. And if 8th grade me knew that, he would be very disappointed.

But me now doesn’t even care. I’m just glad that I could use Java AI to write this freaking Taylor Swift super fan essay for me. Like so quick. And yeah, I mean, I’ll post some pictures from it if you guys wanna see those or what. But if you aren’t using Drop Bot right now, I would just tell you to go and use it because it is by far the best website out there for writing.