Unveiling the Mysterious AI Captions: A Reflection on White Noise and Hidden Messages

Yeah, really? Come on. Oh, I don’t know how to feel. But I know I feel some type of way. Some, a friend Mouse Salamine about a movie, cow white noise. And I have watched the movie and they had touched me, okay.

And I was like, think it’s myself. Like I wish like I could hear from my husband is so I’m one of those type people. I watch my own TikToks. I’ll go back and I look at, boy, I have posted my husbands on a walk. Yeah, I know the door has unrolled. We play the song. And when I posted the video on TikTok, I covered it up with another song by the same artist. And then it just faded around and then the music from the actual walk was playing in the video. Well, y’all know they have the music done guy on slash after 6 hour and all the sound got from that video. There was no talking in a video until the end when data there directed, you know, for us to move so they could fold the flag for him.

Tell me, am I, well mean where the video got muted and I finally looked at it one day and there were AI generated captions. AR. I really feel like this AI joint done picked up on something because everything that is say it makes sense to me if it picked up on something that my husband was trying to get across. It’s a mean, all the captions make sense to me, every last one of them. There’s some it might not make sense to other people, but that’s my husband. And, you know, I know everything is surrounding like the time of his packet. So it all makes sense to me. And I’m just wondering, like, has anybody ever experienced anything like that? Like, I’m wondering, like, am I losing it a little bit? Cuz y’all saw the video with the door, a noun. After hearing about this movie, white noise, you know, say at these AI generated captions on a muted video and all of them make sense to me. None of it was said in the actual video. None of that stuff was said in the actual video except for at the end when he, you know, is directing the data, is directing us to move or whatever, boy, none of that other stuff is said, but it all makes sense to me and lines up with what’s happening with my house there.

Hold on for a second, cuz I might still have some screenshots. I had this screenshot. Didn’t make sure I was seeing what I was really seeing. So hold on. I, so look, I tried to have as much discretion as possible cuz I don’t want TikTok to take this video down.

If you could see right here at Circle Day, every day it says I love you. The music didn’t say I love you. I didn’t say I love you. Nobody said I love you. But AI has picked up I love you.

This was the beginning of his honour week. We had just wrote him out of the room. This was the beginning of the anuar. There was, there are more captions throughout the video. And like I said before, they all make sense to me, but I’m not gonna go through our level, but I will show you this one as well. Hold on. After all the other generated captions, this is the one that was at the very end of his honor walk. This is I’m Dylan.

Nobody said that. By this time, the music was over.

Get the gun loosening. Or did AI. Pick up on something, Farrell on Tatsum? Cuz like I really, cuz I don’t know how to feel. Oh, gosh, this is crazy. A woof. Jesus.