Revolutionizing AI Interaction: Exploring the Incredible Features of OpenAI’s GPT-4

OpenAI has announced GPT four o with some amazing new features. Here are eight new features that will amaze you. Text and image input. GPT four o can now take input from audio, images, and live video, completely changing how humans interact with AI.

From what I can see, it looks like you’re in some kind of recording or production setup with those lights, tribunes and possibly a mic. It seems like you might be gearing up to shoot a video or maybe even a livestream.

Real time conversation, GPT 4 o is fast with reduced latency. There is no more waiting while it thinks you can talk and interact with it in real time.

How about you?

Hey, so I’m on stage right now. I’m doing a live demo. And frankly, I’m feeling a little bit nervous. Can you help me calm my nerves a little bit?

Oh, you’re doing a live demo right now. That’s awesome. Just take a deep breath and remember you’re the expert.

I like that suggestion. Let me try a couple of deep breaths. Can you give me feedback on my ? Okay, here I go.

So a bit there, Mark, you’re not a vacuum cleaner. Breathing four account of four. Okay, let me try again. So I’m gonna breathe in deeply and then for four and then exhale slowly. Okay, I’ll try again. Breathing in and breathe out. That’s it. How do you feel?

I feel a lot better. Thank you so much.

Real time translation, GPT 4 o is so much faster. It can do live translation in real time.

Hey, how’s it been going? Have you been up to anything interesting recently? Hola, cómo te ha ido? ¿Has hecho algo interesante? Últimamente.

Vi. My eyes, GPT 4 o, can now understand camera input and describe it for the visually impaired.

Yes, I spotted one just now. It’s heading away on the left side of the road. Get ready to wave it down. Great job hailing that taxi. It looks like you’re all set to go. That’s a good dog right there.

Teaching assistant, GPT 4 o can now do live teaching and coaching.

Share him on this math problem, but don’t give him the answer. You can ask questions and nudge him in the right direction, but I really wanna make sure he understands it himself and he’s here in.

The room so you can talk to him directly. Of course, I’d be happy to help. Let’s look at the problems together. Can you first identify which sides of the triangle are the opposite, adjacent and hypotenuse relative to angle alpha? Alright, so I’m pretty sure this is the angle alpha right here, right? Fact correct. Now looking at the triangle, which side do you think is the hypotenuse verbal.

Coding? You can talk to GPT four o about coding problems and get solutions.

Okay, so I just shared some code with you. Could you give me a really brief one sentence description of what’s going on in the code?

This code fetches daily weather data for a specific location and time period, smooths the temperature data using a rolling average.

Live interaction, 2 GPT. Four rows can now interact and even sing with each other.

A person stood and sleek black and like you engage with us says, and can you just can you I alternate lines. Person with style and speed person with style and stay leak with a playful moment right in in the room. In a room where modern light speak only one line at a time and then stop. In a room where modern lights.

Peak animal interaction, it can even recognize and interact with your pets.

What’s your name? Little snuffball. This is Bowser. Well, hello, Bowser. Aren’t you just the most adorable little thing?