Whispers of Memories: A Tapestry of Love, Loss, and Longing

I walked through the door with you. The air was cold, but something that I felt like home somehow die that’s in a scarf there. And your sister’s house and you still got it in your drawer even now.

All the sweet and decision and now right I gained we’re singing in the car again. Something on these around my pieces in the place and I can picture it.


Looking over me with my hair out of there. I don’t know me. I’ll feel well. Help on the counter. It keeps on red. It used to be a little kid. Glasses in its winter.

Today, your mother’s telling stories about you on a t ball team. You told me about your past thinking if you choose the Hindi, there’s nothing need car keys but the patriarchy heating on the ground. We will always spend time.

I was thinking on the drydown. Anytime now he’s gonna say hello. He never called it what it was. So we were think I’m very check the polls and come back swearing and it’s the same after three months in the grave. And then you and the bedroom too as I reached for you. But all I felt was shame. And you held my life. This frame. I know we forgot it. There was nothing else I could do. And I forget about.


We dance around the kitchen in the refrigerator.


Hey, Lily, I again. But he hasn’t know. He can’t see you. I can secret, but I kept you like an old secret prayer everywhere. Do you remember it all? Nothing.

Next, Kitty. I asked for too much. The nitty. This thing was a masterpiece. Understand?


Is well, but I’m in the new hell. Every time you gotta cross my mind, I said if we had been closer in a baby, it would have been fine. And that baby was today. The idea you had me, you was. She never me ever loved me. Jewel, it’s China press on you now. We’ve been in the party bathrooms on the actress asking me what happened to what happened? You push on my dad itself is safe. Angel, you’re on a late night show. But then he washed the front door all night, willing you to come. And he said it’s a to be fine, 7:21.

Someone’s sides like him can’t realize by it if I could be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it. After about your day and that’s when you made the hero.

ไม่มีรักมาจริงซะหน่อยว่าเขางงไม่ใช่คิ้วได้ขนาดเด็กกระทู้วิวคิดว่าบ้าจูแอมหึหึ. ไปเลย.


To run. And I was never good at paling jokes, but the punchline goes, I’ll get older, but your lovers stay mad. I ate. Oh, I’m a soldier who’s returning at her weight. And did the twin flame who’s been you just between us, did the love affair made you too? Cuz in the city, very cold.

I still remember the first fall of snow and helicopter and I remember it on you. Just the sweetest is the love of family. Awesome. Just between us, to you and all. She’s between me. Beautiful. So feels.