Embracing Metamorphosis: Navigating Change and Personal Growth

Good morning, mango of merchants. So I have a channeled message and then I wanted to bring out my deck for the message. It came through cuz there is a card in here. It’s a metamorphosis card. And I hope it comes out because that’s what the message or channel message is all about.

Okay, but there is something that is going to kind of throw you into a metamorphosis and it’s a complete following apart of some things in your life. And don’t fear this. Okay, so sometimes in life things have to fall apart.

And we’re talking tower moments. What does this happen? Have you lost your focus? Have you given your power away? Have you been giving to the wrong people? Something is no longer meant for you or you didn’t set boundaries or speak up for yourself. You are going through a realignment and metamorphosis. You will lose people during this stage. They want me to add, you may feel like you’re losing yourself, but in reality, you are finding the new version of you.

In life, we go through cycles and we are always in a sole level evolving, growing and changing. And if you’re not well, you might need to wanna look into that. Okay, we’re meant to change, we’re meant to grow, we’re meant to lose people. We’re meant to change the course of our life in order to bring in new opportunities and new individuals that are in alignment with us, right?

You will move people during this stage, but they are not adding value to your life. Your frequency is elevating. You may feel a little lost, but you’re not. You are finding yourself, your true self. That person has always been there. It’s always been there, but it’s been hidden or it’s been deemed. Right. Through this. A metamorphosis. It’s a process, right? It’s a hard one. It is not easy. Your career path may change drastically and almost overnight. You are moving beyond limitations and restrictions. You are being called to embrace this metamorphosis. Don’t spirit.

This process is never easy and it will get really uncomfortable while you grow your wings. And I even was guided to even look up, like show you the definition of metamorphosis. It represents change of the form or nature of a person into a completely different one. This time in your life may seem unpredictable and out of your control, but it makes it easier by surrendering to the process and having complete faith in the divine that you will always be healed, cared for and loved you are meant to grow and evolve. It will be worth it.

In the next coming months, you won’t even recognize this new version of yourself. You will look back. I want you to take a picture of yourself today. And in three months time, I want you to come back and look at yourself. And it’s not just maybe, it’s maybe some of the physical, but it’s actually the energy that you call, you hold in your body that is going to make you seem so different. Your energy is shifting. You have outgrown the old version of you. Your soul is dying to be set free. You are stepping into a completely new version of you. Butterflies will be significant, and others of you are going to have animal guides that will be showing up. So if you keep seeing synchronicities of the same animal, you are being called to learn about their medicine and the teachings behind this animal guide. They can help you during this process. Embrace it, my loves. It will be worth it.