5 Lucrative Tech Skills You Can Master Without Knowing How to Code

5 tech skills you can learn down knowing how to cook. In this video, I’m going to be showing you five text cues you can limit on knowing how to cook what you don’t need any sort of programming language in order to know these skills.

No. 1 is web development. B, a rise of web technologies and different tools you can use to create websites and getting very popular in the market. Now you can create a full functional website without a single line of good. This is possible in different content management systems. For example, we have sense like what press we have weeks and we also have a one called web flow. With web flow, you can create websites without a single line of code. And these are standard, good looking websites. You can also use webs WordPress for your web development and order pet management systems. These tools are used to create websites without knowledge of coding.

The second one on the list is graphic design. You know, as much as it is very popular, the market for graphic design is still extremely large. And there is money in graphic design. Once you know what you’re doing in the graphic design industry, you are between 70% of the market shares. Graphic design is a very popular skill, but is very easy to succeed as a graphic designer. Why? You have to do your homework and know your roots first before you get into graphic design. I want to get into it. Make sure you’re very.

Djarot scam gak gimana aude yang ganti juga di sana laporin ganti juga zainal di kolek money anda. Do one kind scrap design, nothing. With graphic design. You are going to be more than 70% of the graphic designers in Nigeria within the shear markets because you’re just good to what you do. And being good means you are a top graphic designer. And as a top graphic designer, you’re very, you’re going to excel. I’m going to have people in line waiting to give you your money to do work for them.

Because post yours with your designer to switch the nests on the list is nothing else about content creation? You can start creating different contents like Instagram, YouTube contents or TikTok contents. Sue, once a contains creator, you can actually make money from ambadership deal. Once you have a good number of followership, you can make money from ambassador ship deals and other type of deals that comes with content creators. You can make a lot of money from advertisement. You can also make money from reward programs offered by different social media platforms. For example, we have to dog Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, or we all know it as X now, right? This X. Okay, so once a content creates or you can make money from all these means. So the next one on the list is not in our sports plug in, which is the No. 4 on the list plug in. So login in as much as it is easy as it sounds, login is not a very easy venture to jump into, but do blogging is very creative because all you need to do is just to set up your blog for the meantime and your block starts from payment for you forever. And Eva, so what you need to do is to push in the wall. Once I start, not to block you, put in the walk in SEO, such engine optimization, you go for trending contents. If you’re going for a news blog, then you know that, yeah, trying to be like Linda IKG instead Blog Ninja. So instead blog Ninja, they puts out different posts that are trending online. So these are what they do their taxi. So you have to like mirror their strategy. That’s how you’re going to blow your own blog. Have to mirror their strategy and you have to create something. Be up and doing blogging is hat.

Blogging requires a lot of consistent work, needs to be. Konsistensi ini lebih pushing out konten everything good day to blogger is very. Good tax business is a very good tech business, if you know what you are doing, you’re going to spend a lot of money from blogging. Both. Logging is not very easy because it requires a lot of consistency. You have to do the same thing over and over again. You have to post. You keep posting. There is no stop into it. If you are into blogging, you can also hire other people put to do the plugin part for you. Let’s say you don’t have the time to post articles or make blog posts, you can also hire people. There are specialized people, yeah, in content creation for reaching kind of blocks. So they are there, SEO, right? The rest of the tapi udah aja kan to work for you. Then why you and the moon? Me and pay them. So that’s all for blur game.

This one on the list is nothing else but digital markets, in which is an impact 5. Digital marketing is a very lucrative business. You know, there are no business can do with our marketing, right? No business can survive without reaching out to customers and trying to get known all over the place. So with digital markets in being an essential aspect of business, you are going to make a lot of money in that field from businesses. If you know what you’re doing, you can place ads that converts on Instagram, Facebook or other social media platforms. You are on a good side of the business because people are going to be looking out for you to create ads for them. You’re going to be creating advertisements for different brands. You’re not just going to be working with social media. You can also tell us some brand influencers to work with a different brand. So as a digital market, your work is to analyze what’s the business needs and how, and what we grow or what we help grow the business. So let’s see, let’s say you are into cells of perfumes and all the rest of these.

I know Abberocco Doctor, Abberku Doctor, is someone that talks about personal out and hygiene. So you can use approve. Ibu doktor asli brand glenca spesiali di company top community akan affordable doso swazi justru makin saingan suggest about Widodo aksi brand influence. Particular products or company. So once you’re using a broker docs as an influencer, you can also advertising different social media platforms and that is going to skyrocates the business. So what you’re doing right now, apple could also is the influencer growing the business plus your order social media strategies, you as ad.

Jadi justru mah kita enggak ada uang hobi i enggak untuk bisnis dong branding of things that is making the business gw sama video lensa grasi semakin saat yang manis joyous. Yeah, your IDS. Without you, you’re not going to get a suggestion. I’m going to use this brand, I’m going to use this particular strategy.

So as the social media markets are or a digital markets are, you create strategies, you create formats that can help the business grow. That is your work, not just running Facebook, Instagram, it’s you create things that can help the business grow up. So that is all for now.

In the five text skills to man we’ve met, we successfully listed five text cues you can learn without knowledge of coding. We have web development and graphic design. We have and content creation. We have login and digital advertisement. So these are text cues you can do with unleash of coding. If you lend a lot from this video, kindly subscribe or hit the like button. You can also share to family and friends so they can also get ideas on what to do or the 5, or any, or the five text skills they can go into without knowledge of coding. Let me know what you think about this video in the comment section and below. Have a nice day.