Musical Reflections: Songs from the Appearance Album

So I couldn’t help but notice how loudly you guys were singing along to the songs in from a fearless album. So maybe I think my favorite songs from the appearance album and see if you guys can match the volume up earlier. It’s like this hasty but not almost can be deceived. But I know I saw that as we walked, we would stop and I didn’t say other things. I want to father girls. Got your eyes and show windows. I’ll be the one.

Always have to be. Second pizza.

Yes, can help myself.

Hey, Steven, I’ve been holding back his feeling. So I got something safe. I’ve seen it also a lot, but I’ve never seen nobody shine away too. When you are, when you say my name is stupid for wonderful. Hey, Steven, why are people always leaving my queue? United, stay the same. Stop it. Lucky nature can be nice. Be this magic I mention cannot make it Snow White can help. Yeah, demonstrate how to perfectly tonight when you learn.

shine 山。

reasons why i should be? all these are the girls all the beautiful。