Intriguing Musings: A Reflection on Cross Talk, Memories, and New York City

When I cross talk, that would make you feel like you bye courses, right? How many are upon the floor and they say, I see you every day now and I chose you. Bye in New York.

No shoes under sky, the dirty, my T-shirt very smashed one. To me, every single man, she’s so excited. To myself, I got a bonus. I’m saying to come. So sky, when the sides came, we should find hazy. How the hell do we lose side noise? Sobbing with your head in your hands in that way should always. Yeah, in hollow I hallway combinations. You have proper roses as us. I feel you no matter what the room is that I gave up midnight faster I was dancing in New York, no shoes, the time and the sky. It was the body of my teacher. Very special. That should imagine. So sorry, must go to telephone. And I used to call on so sky.

Oh, and awake and memory of Mommy has to react.

so scared。