Insights and Tips from a New TikTok Shop Affiliate: Learnings, Requirements, and Strategies

I am sharing more of what I have Learned as a new TikTok Shop affiliate with you. Now. I’ve been asked several questions and I went back and look today, my very first video that I posted was on April 21st for the TikTok shop. Today is May 28th. So that’s like exactly 5 weeks that I have been doing this program. Make sure you are following along like and share this post so other newbies can see into and drop your comments in the comment section so that we can work on getting these answered together. So one of the biggest questions I was asked on my last video is, where do you find your product selection score? So from my understanding, I thought it was 30 days that you had to be in the program, but someone had commented and said you have to have 30 qualifying orders. So where you can check is if you go to TikTok Shop Creator Center on your profile, click on Performance Data, and then click on Product Performance and it’ll show you what your product selection score is. If it’s not there, you may not have the qualifying requirements to get that information yet. So just keep going and keep checking back. But TikTok does send you, I think it’s a weekly report on how you’ve been doing in the last week. And it will show on there when you have that up. That’s how I found out that I had that product selection score available to me.

Now, how do you even sign up as an affiliate? There’s a lot of people who have heard gift have 1,000,5,000,10,000 followers. When I first started five weeks ago, I had to have 5,000 followers in order to begin a Tikto Tuck shop count. But now it is down to 1000 followers. That does not mean that just because you have 1,000 followers, you are now eligible for the program. So make sure you’re going into that area where you can sign up as an affiliate and check out what those requirements are. Because it’s like 1,000 followers, 18 or older, there might be a video review requirement like you have to have so many views on your videos or you have to have consistent posts. And I do not recommend you just going in and doing videos of like the grass or a tree or whatever to trending. Sounds like get on screen if you can and make a video. Remember, you’re not posting for yourself, you’re posting for your audience. So whoever your audience is and whoever you’re marketing to or wanting to achieve, tracked or talk to, those are the people that you are actively marketing to. So like for me, example, I am learning these TikTok shop tips, but then I’m sharing them here because I want to attract like minded people who are also learning about TikTok Shop.

And another big question that I was being asked is how do you get free product? So there’s a few ways that you can do this. One, get your email in your bio, go check up my profile. I have collabs with a little hand and I have my email. Put it in your bio. You can go to TikTok Shop Creator Center. You have to be an affiliate. If you are a TikTok seller, I can’t help you. Cuz that’s not what I’m looking at. And I have seen a lot of accounts being taken down that way. So I don’t recommend it. Go to your TikTok Shop Creator Center. And if you scroll down, like maybe halfway through, there is going to be like a product marketplace. You can scroll through there and if there’s a product that says free sample, it’ll be in like a little red box, then you can go and you can ask and request for a free sample of that product. You’re going to have a limitation on how many free samples you can get at one time. So just keep an eye on that. Another way is down where that product marketplace is listed over to the right, there is going to be a collab invite section. And that’s where a brand sends you direct invitation for a product for you to like click on the product, click request and get approved for the product that they want you to do a video for. And then the last way that you can communicate with brands for free product is again, in that TikTok Shop Creator Center, you were gonna have like a little bell notification area in your upper right hand corner and that is going to be system notifications, but also message notifications. So like I just went through like 58 messages and I will go through again like after noon. So like every few hours I have tons of messages to go through and a lot of them I’m just ignoring. But that is how I’m getting the free samples. So I’m requesting free samples, collab invitations, my email and my bio, and through the direct messages on your TikTok Shop Creator Center. Alright, this video is getting long, so go ahead, drop more questions in the comments and let me help as much as I possibly can.