Fixing a Half-Broken Noise-Canceling Earphone: A Saturday DIY Project

This earphone is superb in terms of the quality, in terms of the sound. Let me give you an example of how you weigh weight from the back like this goes into your ear and that’s it. So it blocks out all the noise. So it’s very wonderful.

Why at earphone? But the problem is that one of my daughters decided to do it chewing competition on this. So it’s half broken and one of the es is not talking and I can’t leave with an earphone that one of the years is not okay. So we’re gonna fix these two. So we don’t know how to fix that. Remember, fix it Saturday. Fix it is exclusive on our YouTube, a channel, YouTube dot com for slash at Smart Depot Tech. So Google follow us on YouTube, go subscribe to our YouTube channel. Let’s jump straight into action. We already have one ear that is not working. There’s a visible wind in the wires. We’re gonna cut, you know, the ones that are badly affected to be able to see true to other ones. Of course, we’re going to check the negative line is not affected badly. So we’re going to just do the two positive line. It has two cones inside. This earphone is very powerful earphone. So what I like to do first is to, you know, soda, you can join the wire because they are coils. So you have to, you know, either wound them or use sojourn iron to, you know, and led to, you know, make contact with the coins. I’m gonna show that two of the ends of the one that I just caught. So I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna caught the other one. You can see the other positive is also wounded very badly. So we’re gonna cut that and I’m gonna do the same thing I did with the first one. I’m gonna clear up the mouth, the rubber part, and I’m gonna use certain iron and led to, you know, apply a proper contact at the end of each of them.

The next point would be to join them. First of all, we want to know whether joining these two will be able to give us anything on the earphone. Want to know whether these two is, oh, is the thing we need to fix or whether we have to, you know, try to, you know, cut off things negative.

So this time of reality, let’s see what I, you 2 connected via apple. So go to play music and then listen to it. Yeah, it works. Yeah, but this is like half of it. So we now know what works. So what we’re gonna do is to do proper better sodrine and also that was very close to my finger to do propasodri. And now also to provide, I’m gonna remove the two places, the two contacts I have, so that together, and you may be asking why when I like to coat them, I like to make my surgery to be very clean, very neat. And once it’s like that, I will now have to get a fresh lead, make sure that there’s not too much lead. But it is well so that as you can see now is well so that and now I’ll be able to cover it because the insulation is one of the critical part. You don’t want another part of the positive to touch the negative or the other positive line because they do two different things. I’m also going to go ahead and show that the other one and then be able to do a very good soldering. Yeah, so with this, now I’m gonna go ahead to now, you know, wrap it from like I did on the other one area that is, you know, conductive. So provide very well. And with that, we’ll be sure that the positive will not be touched in negative. And then, yeah, EFO will not have any distortion or anything in the future.

Now we have, you know, covered it. We’re still going to test again whether during this Sodrine and, you know, covenant, whether any other wire was affected. This is just like kind of quality assurance stuff. And yeah, the earphone is speaking very well. And now we’re gonna finally provide with a black tip, you know, considering that the body of the tip is very black, it’s gonna look good at the end.

Of course, this is fix it. This is Saturday fix it exclusive on Smart Depot Tech on our YouTube channel. If you’re watching from any of our social media handle, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, then you should also try to follow us on YouTube because we have some exclusive on our YouTube channel, Chanel and Saturday Fix it is one of this.

So of course, we’re still going to test it again after the hot times we were testing the top time now to be able to see that is working. And yes, it is working. And we now have our very important powerful passive noise cancellation earphone that is working. Subscribe that we go.