Cosmetic Adventures with Mom: Preparing for a Dina Carter Concert

Okay, mom, do you wanna tell everyone what we’re doing?

I’m getting ready to go see Dina Carter, 25 year anniversary. Did I shave my legs for this? Did you? I did. My knees, too. I, no knee bangs. Good job. This hair dryer. No, I would manage support for you. Support management. You have a nice view out of your window.

Okay, she said she wants her hair to look like man, so that’s what we gonna do. I’m using this crimper. I got it from marshals. So I don’t know what brand it is. And also just ignore the gerbals. They have decided that they would like should be present for the video, you know, store wishes.

That’s how grandkids are. They act up when grandmas around.

That sounds very good. Rather than that, it’s the Eva NYC. It’s just a hairspray that I use. If anyone was wondering, someone asked me that the other day. It smells delicious and it works well and it’s, has good ingredients. But it doesn’t cost $800.

And try to get there. I don’t know how that works because it’s like the concert is like a 25 year imagery tour. I don’t know why she wouldn’t say another, but.

Your hair is thicker than ever. It being like, it’s not like super thick, but it’s like, it feels like it’s thicker than north. Last time I could you like my hairstylist outfit? I tried to dress like Claire for this, but she’s has such cool outfits. So.

Do you, is there like a special hairdress or clothing store?

I don’t know but there.

Should be. They look really cute.

Is there hairdressers? Please tell us, because you guys always.

Look adorable. Are you shopping?

Yeah, like even when you go to work in like leggings, you still look cute. And I need like a Pinterest board or something because.

I mean they have like teacher clothes stores and I’m like crazy art teacher. Not all our teachers are crazy, but you know what I’m talking about. The outfit like from High School Musical, like they have a story from that for that.

Oh, what’s that? Waiting. The teacher, the music teacher.

Miss. I can’t remember.

I’m sure everybody, she has something fun. I remember Coach Bolton, of course, but she has like some fun. Crazy little lady. I want you.

In my, she reminds me of my middle school, I mean, high school chorus teacher. It was the age, something with the age. The high school musical teacher, Hermes. That’s, I think that’s a great God Moya. I’m just like, I’m like.

Doris. That’s my name.

Is okay. I was kind of Doris.

You explain to me why my boys are at basketball practice or whatever he says.

Got into it. They did. Everybody I love you guys.

I don’t own mousse and I forgot my dress shampoo at college. So I’m stealing. My sisters don’t come for me. I know these have bad things will tear you apart on the internet for using things. Oh, nothing. Oh, why did do that? Gosh, this might have been too much.

It’s still coming up. I know. Because of all the chemicals. It’s like expanding thing.

I think I just another security.


We’re gonna see what.

It’s way you’re supposed to do it first, but I don’t know, like, it’s okay. Well, thank you. You know what? Maybe we’ll discover something new and different.

Yeah, this is a direct try to let me do this.

Professional. They you’re not a professional either. Well, you’re more professional than me.

So you’re gonna kill me and just use this. So we’re going through this treasure queue anyway. I know your hair is clean.

But go down. That’s it. What I’m healthy myself so that I can enjoy a nice fresh shampoo Friday o’clock and I have it. They found or nothing.

We gotta build a foundation over here.

It’s gonna be here, but I’m really thick, so heavy. All right, the hair is done. Now for the makeup.