Behind the Scenes: The Journey of a Rising Artist

We spoke about myself performing on such big stages before. She never got to see it. Hi. Sorry, evanichi. You want me to give drama the. Out of the room and you’re out of the.

When Sarah first walked into a studio.

Was really shy. Her levels of growth have been crazy. I saw a big improvement.

Like a completely different person they were.

I’m still the same person. Thank you, Sarah. In.

Reality is quite like, I don’t want to say it, but basic.

Hey presence, hey technique. So I could see a fast development and that gave me hope and I could even pressure even more. She has all the elements that makes her not a singer but an artist. Way before Eurovision. I never got the opportunity, she told me or like care about me needs to get a good position and deliver a very good show. And then when she ended up winning to build everything in literally two mile, they changed everything. But we need to push the storyline more. So you actually still have the turn as before. You also have a big trick, I think, like in the water performance rather than dancing, not by the feeling that they got.

So we had to kind of, you know, amp up the style quite a.

Lot. My first rest day in quite a while. I’m really enjoying it, I feel. But luckily her work ethic side there good and very good or you won’t be. It’s not like this just happened and I’m here, you know, headers for me. Bye bye. I need to learn how to be able to connect here to here. You mean the power to sing the high notes, doing this crazy lift.

Consider you’re going to constraint.

Sure. The blindfold moment, like how can we dance some blindfolds? How will this look? I was terrified of the flip. Sarah kept on saying, Michelle, this is too hard. It’s too much. Like everyone I showed the video too went crazy when they saw the flip. I don’t know if you do it, it would be a winning performance. This is the iconic moment.

Oh, oh, my God. There’s so much inside scoop. I usually like my ice cream with two scoops, but this is more scoops than you can.

Eat, darling. We’re a bit.

Stressed. Many things can go wrong with the outfit. Have.

One outfit, she can easily tear these sides. We.

Are not manifesting this. I do get very anxious sometimes.

Sweet designer clothes don’t arrive. Last minutes having to find like.

Outfits. You end up being friends and you end up fighting a lot. I quit.

The reality is you’re tired all of the time is near impossible. Jamie just throw up in the bench. Did you up? It’s tough. Limbs unwear.

Okay. Just rest. It’s fine.

I’ve never done that.

I’ve been traveling a lot and she has been dancing a lot. So Diane missing head a lot.

Just a moment. So do you start your positions, everyone.

What can people expect.

Transition to her alter ego on stage? Should I tease them? Should expect and energetic performance. People are not gonna expecting the level of training and like commitment. I’m happy I’m not doing it cuz this is what few artists can do. No one knows what Sarah can do. So why should I put like adjectives on them, kind of just to make it sound like exciting?

It’s not just no longer just like a song and a dance. This is an experience.

Ever stop recording? Do you have a.

Sub recording with your road microphone? Sick of.

Each other at this point? So you’re not sick here. We love each other. It’s all like a family. We’re a family, bro. Like.

Again, my passed away a few weeks back. She was my No. 1 supporter. She raised me practically. We spoke about myself performing on such big stages before. She never got to see it. This would have made her so happy. So happy. I can’t even begin to explain.

I’ve grown to like find a, find family in my team, and I think that’s the most beautiful thing that has come out of this whole experience, to say I love you. I was about to cry with this dress. Well, we do it. It’s gonna be what I did. I hope so. I always struggled a bit with self belief and like I still do actually. Just have fun. You all gonna be there with you. You just grew and blossomed. Europe.

An amazing vocalist.

Artist and dancers, surprisingly enough. I wish that you will enjoy this beautiful journey. We are so happy that we share this experience with you. I messages to focus message focus should understand everything by that message. We’re wishing.

You all the.

Best. I don’t get very deep on camera, but crazy had the very first thing.

As a woman who ate and which you are gonna eat.

I already know you’re there because you deserve this and because you are tired, one knows that you give it to your all. You calm down and enjoy the process.

Where your family, like, where your team, where your energy, proud of you. You’ve worked really hard. Now go out and show the world what you’ve got. As you work out onto that stage, remember that you worked so hard for this and he.

Deserve this. And myself would actually really believe it. My anger self knew or actually romanticize these moments for a very long time.