Mastering Sales Talk: The Four Essential Steps to Success

You gotta know the four steps to the sales talk. So my, the first step, if you wanna write this down, is four steps to a sales talk. The first step is your approach. You gotta have an amazing approach. You know, I’m saying that like amazing approach.

Like that’s what I, when I remember, like before I was speaking, I used to sit in them seats just like y’all. I was always soaking up knowledge. I was a sponge. I was soaking everything up. But I remember that my mentor told me, look, you want to get you a notebook?

I want to got 10 notebooks. He said, you want to have two different approaches. I have 10 different approaches. The second thing is your introduction. That’s the second thing.

Your third thing is the demonstration. What you demonstrate, what product is you demonstrating? And then last but not least is close action and close.

So once you get them four steps to yourself talk, you gonna be armed and dangerous. And that’s what I did. I had different approaches. It all matter. Look, hey, how’s it going? You must be the one that answer the door.

You know, a lot of, yeah, a lot of your neighbors. You know, I’m saying my approach, I got so many of them happy Monday that yet a neighbor said it was harder to catch to my ex wife boyfriend, that’s my approach. Now I’m introducing myself. Yeah, my name is Kenny, Skinny Kenny. I know I popped out and spent like a premature baby.

Yeah, yeah, I’m so skinny I can Hulu through a trio. But that’s because I’m from Detroit, Michigan. I used to get full of hot dog water. You ever been there? Yeah, my house so small. You got around. Sad to change your mind.

That’s why I’m hanging in there like shingles and drywall so I can get a house like you. Cuz all how’s big in my church. Back at home, I thought she was a pastor. I know you blessed, you know what I mean, right? I’m not gonna play with you. I’m not playing.

And then after that, now I got my product. Once you love me, then you go, the customer, you go open your wallet and you got tell me to jump on in. Yeah, facts. But that’s what I did, though. I used to write these down. I used to write down different approaches, different introductions.

I used to write down different human interest story. Well, I’m not interested yet. My mom told my dad, but 9 months late I was born. I’m not interested. Yeah, I’ve never been arrested it, but that’s why we gotta permit.

Yeah, City Hall told me don’t hold you on like a man with arms. Dank, are you okay? I stop him by man. No wonder I see the red carpet. Good friend is hard to find. You know what I mean?

You can’t tell me nothing like Kanye West said everything that you look cuz you got a member. Look, salespeople, look at salespeople. Like when I used to hold meetings, I used to tell them, look, customer’s not having a meeting right now.

You ain’t gonna catch no sales, no community having a meeting. Oh, Josh, would you go tell that person tomorrow? Oh, I ain’t got no money. Let me write that down. That’s a good one. Would you go to that person that. Oh, oh, somebody was just here. Oh, that’s going, let me write that down, too.

They not have an Omega, you know what I mean? But that’s what I did. Like, and then I was so educational because not only did I take the meat and I spit out the bones, but I automatically, you gotta have creative selling, too, when you’re in Rome. Do as a Romans, you know what I’m saying? I teach people like the, it’s called the square sale.

That means you could sell your neighbor and then you could go directly across the street and sell that neighbor and then go right next door and sell that neighbor. That’s a square sale and it’s easy. Well, hey, can you, can you, who’s your neighbor next door? Oh, that’s John. Not John.

I saw John next door to John. Oh, that’s Catherine. Oh, not Catherine. I saw her, too. Oh, that’s Steve. Now, I just got two referrals. You know what I mean? Because guess what?

A burglar not gonna use a reference. Oh, you know Janet. Yes, I know Janet. Yes. She just left.

I stole her car, you know, you know, John, you know, I mean, like that burgers don’t use references, you know, I mean, so references is really important. People don’t understand that as a salesperson, references is so important. So yeah, write that down. Referrals is very important. You know what I’m saying? And when you knew, you got, look, when everything else fails, enthusiasm failed, you can’t be out there like someone making you do this.

I remember when I was new, I was so excited. Oh my God. And then when my introduction to one of my favorite introduction, look, bear with me. I’m new with this. Don’t beat me up. This my first job. I, look, I, this is my first day. I don’t even know what I’m doing.

But I know one thing. I got the best thing since cake and ice cream. I’m telling them. They like, oh, no, take your time cuz you got a member, I’m pretty sure. Raise hand if you were 8 at a restaurant before.

Not raise your hand if you ever ate at a restaurant and somebody told you this was the first day on the job and you saw how polite and how you had patients like a doctor. Oh, no, I don’t worry about it. You’re doing real good. That’s how the customer gonna be to you. They can be like, I’m not gonna take your time.

Guess what? They’re gonna teach you how to sell them. Yeah, somebody asked me earlier, like, what do you do when you experience and you get comfortable with making money? What I do is I stay new. I go back to being new, you know, I mean, cuz tough times on last, tough people do.

So I go back to being new. I go back to how I started. I gotta remember how I started, like Drake, I started from the bottom. So just like I can be blessed. It can just like I got this, it can get taken away, you know, I’m saying? So you gotta count your blessings, not your troubles.

But I know for sure I stay humble and I stay new. You gotta stay new. You know what I’m saying? Like one of my mentors told me, he said, if you know everything, why you’re not rich? You know, that’s for the ones that they start getting big headed, they start making a couple sales and then.