Embracing Wins in Every Loss: A Message of Love, Faith, and Support on ‘We Win Wednesday’

Hey, hey, family. Good morning. Boy, need a face. Masses something. Melissa, good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and even good night to some. Happy we win Wednesday. Cuz, listen, in spite of how many losses you may have ever took, there was still a win in that loss. And some people may say, how could I have had a win in a loss? Because, listen, even through things that you have lost, you gained something. Rather if you gained new momentum, rather if you gain the new way to strategize, rather if you gain, do whatever, you always gain something. So I always remember we win. And that’s just on Wednesday.

But Wednesday should be where Wednesday I wanna say love, peace, blessings, be safe, stay blessed, stay prayed up. As I always say, if nobody else love you, love you, that nobody else supports you, you support you. Always remember to do things for you. And it does not make you selfish. It just means that you matter to you.

I want to say to those of you all who have or may have not seen my video on yesterday. Some people don’t watch things in full of some dude. Some don’t. I have raised $15 so far. So right now, that’s a total of what I have. I had told you all that, you know, I’m still trying to get up between 1,000 to 12. And I know some people may hear that number or hear certain numbers, they may be like, the devil is a lie. But I just truly believe bad. You know, when you think little, you receive little. When you do little, you get little. Sometimes you have to put things out there. Be honest before and think bigger. You know, if you’re mine, and this might be a help for somebody else, and some people made judges. Before I say this, those of you are who can steal. So in any way, if it’s towards the birthday, if it’s towards work and travel, or if it’s towards food or the Amazon wish list, as I have said before, all blessings are blessings.

There are plans that I have. If people are wanting to help with reservations, if people are wanting to help with tickets, travel, whatever, you know, in any form of way you can help, I highly appreciate it. I’m just really trying to get things done, set and in stone. You know, I wanna wait to the last minute. I’m already at three minutes. But a point I want to make is if you already have, always have a 20 dollar mindset, that’s why you ever gonna give 20 dollars if you always only can live off of the mindset of apartments or Section a or housing or whatever, not come up against anybody. But what I’m saying is, if you are a dreamer or a visionary and you dream big and you believe him for big. You can’t stay in the little while.

I was asking the little, as I have said, too, we all have bills. We all have situations. We all have families. We all have circumstances. So I’m asking those who can and coming together as one, we can make the possible impossible. And right now, things may look impossible, but with god, with faith, with help, with support, all things are possible. And I got the faith to believe that these things will work out.

Those of you all who have watched this video on full, go on, drop the blue hearts in the comment. As I have say, I take the love with you everywhere you go. It’s only what we do for God at a last. And again, does evolve.

Who wanna help in any way? Rather this cash at Paypal, time, US bank, Amazon, tickets, reservation, food, clothes, whatever, however the Lord leads you. I love you. I almost had five minutes. I’m trying to take up your day. But those who have watched the food gonna drop some blue comments and just put in the comments a blue heart and we win Wednesday. I love you. It ain’t a thing you can do about it.