Emigo’s AI Makeup Magic: Get Ready with Me for Birthday Dinner

Get ready with me for my birthday dinner. Except AI Miguel chooses my makeup. You may be wondering, how am I gonna do this? While I texted AI Miguel on after party AI dot com and I gave him a few makeup products to choose from. So whatever he chooses we’re gonna use. Okay, I don’t know where the clip went, but at first I asked him what primary to use, the Power Group primer or the hydrating primer, and he chose, hello, I am not familiar with these both, but I’m going to choose the Elf Primer grip. Since I have nothing else for my base, I just use Charlotte Tilbury, which is already blended. Okay, so now it’s eyebrows. And I gave him that option for the eyebrow pencil or the eyebrow comic. I’m not too sure about this, but I think the pencil one would work for you more. Okay, thankfully he said this one because I could not find the pomade.

Okay, next is contour, which I don’t have a different contour. So I’m just gonna put the contour that I usually use, which is the Nyx one. Mistake. Okay, so after I do contour, I put on blush. So I asked him, should I do rare beauty or Milan cream blush? I would say rare beauty blush. Okay, I’ll over them. So here are the areas that I’m playing blush and I use the shade encourage and help. And I put it on just like this. It may be a lot, but just wait till the concealer guys. But my family does this thing where we celebrate my birthday, well, everyone’s birthday at 12 a. M. It looks crazy right now, but that’s why our next step is concealer. I asked him, closest or two faced 2 face concealer for sure. I was so scared for this one because I really love the two faced, including it in these two areas. And also makeup tip is that you should actually blend your concealer with a brush. Okay, after concealer, I told him to choose from the eyeliner, pencil or liquid eyeliner. Let’s see what he shares.

Liquid eyeliner all the way. Once you pick this one. It’s the Elf Expert. Liquid Eyeliner. I don’t know what shade it is. A lot of people have been asking me, how do I do my eyeliner? I need an eyeliner tutorial. And I, if I’m gonna be so honest, it’s not even like a pun or anything. I just wing it like honestly. But for you guys, I’ll attempt it. Yondell like that. Okay, I’m liking the look am ago. Now it’s time for Fit powder or Laura Mercy Powder for sure. Okay, so he chose this one, the Laura Mercy A1. And I just want to talk about how expensive it is, yet so good. I only get this when it’s like a birthday gift or like Christmas gift or something like that. But it’s really nice. But I would recommend this, I guess, if you don’t want to get this one. So I’m just putting that all over like this.

Okay, I usually put eyeshadow over my eyeliner. So I asked him, eyeshadow or no eyeshadow? And he said eyeshadow. I use this brown eyeshadow color in a random eyeshadow palette. Okay, next is highlight. And I did ask him if I could do the iconic pink eyeshadow highlight or just regular highlight. And he said, I think a normal highlight would be great. I guess we’re just gonna do normal highlight. This is the face and eye by highlighting palette from Color Lab. Though I like this highlights, I do prefer the pink one.

Next is lashes. I recently got some lash clusters. You look like this. So I gave him that option. Or just some regular, normal lash strips. So let’s see what he picked. Lash strips all the way. Loki was wishing that he picked the lash clusters. Cuz I really wanted to try them on. Haven’t got a chance yet, but I’m not complaining cuz these are my favorite lashes. These are also from Timu, by the way. I don’t know what their name is. I’ll probably put on the screen if I could find it. Okay, here are the lashes. They Loki don’t look like twins today, more like cousins, but it’s fine. Lastly is lip blender. And y’all know I love a good lip combo. So I asked him if I should do my makeup forever lip liner in the shade 70 eight or some just regular brown eyeshadow as lip liner. And he chose eyeshadow lip liner. That sounds fun. Fortunately, we’ll wait till tomorrow when it’s actually my birthday to wear this one. Now I put it on like so.

Okay, here’s the finishing look. I actually like it, honestly. So thank you, Emigo. And make sure you guys use a Amago on after party AI dot com. Bye.