Insane Housing Prices and Rising Homelessness: The Real Root of the Issue

Okay, so. I was just sitting here trying to decide how to replan my day because I had planned to spend the day at storage selling stuff, but now that it’s raining, I gotta wait until the rain slows up or goes away or whatever and I gotta get some hits on stuff. I’m not getting hits on anything and it’s good stuff and I marked it down again. So anyway, and yeah, stuff to sell. But I was sitting here and I was just listening to Smere Kanesha, CNN when he was speaking with someone about homelessness across the nation. So it kind of, my ears kind of perked up and I decided to listen to it. But, you know, he tended to blame the majority of homelessness on mental health issues and . And that was the basis of their conversation and I think is what they believe is the root problem to homelessness and the rising homelessness across the country. I have to say I disagree. I do agree that mental health issues and are part of the problem. But from what I experienced and what my friends have experienced and other people are meeting, they’ve experienced that I have spoken to you is the insane cost of housing. Rent is absurd and it’s not just in the big cities, not just in LA, San Francisco, New York, it’s not just there that the rents are insane, but rents across the country are going up as well. When people in the Midwest found out that they could get more for their rental property, of course, they want to make more money. They raise the rents. Then mortgage rates went up to try to combat inflation, which as far as housing didn’t help because when the mortgage rates went up, the rent went up, right? Insurance rates went up, everything went up, which displaced a lot of people. And not all of them have mental health issues, not all of them have their addictions to drugs and substances.

To me, the number one cause of the rise in homelessness in America is the insane housing prices. Simple. And there’s a lot of reasons for why it’s so high. Some of it’s just greed, and now that landlords know that they can get that high dollar for their rental properties, do you think they’re ever gonna take less? Come on, people. The prices are never gonna come down. They’re just gonna keep going up. Once people have tasted getting good money for that rental property, they’re never gonna take class.

It’s, you know, I don’t think there will ever be more housing than there are people. I know there are a lot of empty properties sitting out there being unused for whatever reasons, a lot of them tied up with legal issues or whatever. But overall, I don’t think there will ever be more housing than there are people to the point that it will bring the prices down. I just don’t believe that. If I’m wrong, prove me wrong. I’d love to see that. But yeah, I don’t think prices will ever come down. They’re just gonna keep going up.

Secondly is a job losses. And for people over 50,60 years old, it’s freaking tough because employers with young spy people who can spend several years at that job or make it a home, a second home, you know, they want you to spend many years there cuz they don’t have to keep retraining people to take your place. They don’t like job hoppers and stuff like that. And with older people come health issues. You have to give them health insurance. You have to let them go to their doctors. You have to let them take time off when they’re alien. Sometimes they can’t work as many hours. Just a whole lot of reasons why they don’t like hiring older people. And then there’s the aspect of AI, which I think my group or my industry of writing, like, you know, writing blogs and stuff for people, doing search engine optimization, doing the research, all that kind of stuff. I think that group of folks that I was included in were some of the first that AI just sorry, they’re out. When ChatGPT got big last year, about may is when my client started dropping off because they could get well written articles or whatever for their websites. And really what they need is they need new content posted on their websites so that the web crawlers will continue to put their website at the top of the searches. If you don’t post new content regularly, the web crawlers will kind of skip over you. They’re looking for new fresh content. So a lot of those companies, they don’t really care if it has a human flavor to it, right, or human touch. As long as it’s an article that’s well written, that’s on the subject they want it to be on. I mean, they don’t really care. They can get it cheaper with AI. They don’t have to pay money, really. I mean, once you pay for to use AI, you, you know, it’s a subscription.