Framing Success: The Ryzen Framework for Building Effective Prompts with AI

All right, 5 steps to think about when you are building out your next prompt. Would it be on ChatGPT or Gemini that you may not love about before. Okay, so, and this is gonna be using the Ryzen framework as well. So, I mean, I’ll put the link below to the website where it has a series of prompts and different frameworks that you can also use to help you within your journey as you’re building on a business or within life, whatever it may be. And so the first one’s gonna be a role. You gotta give the AI or language model a role to act in.

So for me, it would be something like a live coach who specializes in neurodiversion entrepreneurs. I do put all that in there, but I’m also trying to be very specific in terms of what it is I’m trying to get out of the prompt, right? And so the next one’s gonna be instructions. And so then I give it instructions based on what it is I’m trying to get out of that.

So for me, it’s always going to be something around time management and how I want that to look Monday through Friday, what I want, you know, to wake up in the morning to do down to my lunch breaks, all those different things like that, really breaking it down as concise as I can make it to, again, get the, to extract the best information out of it. Please forgive me for all this. I’m actually outside. If it’s a little windy, I apologize.

Next is gonna be steps. What steps do I need it to take with these instructions that I’ve given it under the role that I’ve assigned it, right? What are those steps gonna look like? Again, this is also how you go about, you know, building this framework and layering these different things to, again, achieve the greatest output come from your AI or your language model. Then from there, it’s gonna be No. 4, which is gonna be your end goals.

Okay, and so like, what is the end goal out of this? Like I said before, for me, it’s time management. It’s how do I perfect using the Pomadero technique, right? How do I stay on task? How do I go ahead and stay on task with all the different things I got going on so I don’t feel overwhelmed. And so that’s the kind of my end goal.

So once I’m doing everything else, this is how, this is what I’m looking for at the end of that. And then step No. 5 is gonna be narrowing. And so when it comes to narrowing, you wanna think about tone, voice, and even channeling some of the your some of your favorite people that you know of or people that you look up to or inspired by, right? So when you think about narrow, when you’re talking about, again, tone and voice, educational or funny or I’ll say more serious, right? Or more playful, more playharder, whatever baby tone being I has the tone within the cell. Then it comes down to, let’s say, who are you channeling in that same space? So do you want this to come out educational with the voice of Morgan Freeman or do you want us to be fun and light with the voice of, or the thought processes of Alex Romozy? Do you want it to be, you know, big and full of life like over whatever it may be. Those are kind of the things you wanna kind of narrow down within the narrowing aspect of it. And all of these different things are designed to, again, you know, give you a framework that will help you reach a certain, or rather a certain goal, or at least help you along through your journey so that you can keep yourself on track, whether be again for business or for even things like what I’m doing, which is like just making sure that I can post cuz I’m two days behind on my posting on TikTok and things like that, right? And so when you’re building up these frameworks, play with it, keep playing with it, keep messing with it. I’m self taught both in like in web development and also, you know, learning AI as well. And it takes time. There’s a learning curve even with these, even with this, me giving you the rising framework to go ahead and throw that in there too.

R is en risen. It is still taking, you know, even me time to keep narrowing and chipping at it and shipping at it and shipping at it. But with each attempt, I’m getting better each time. And which isn’t easy because you know, especially when you another creator named Kevet had mentioned this in his video. You start here and you have that fall off, but it’s like, how do you, and which is normal for everybody, but how do you avoid that fall off or if you do fall off, how do you get yourself back up again? And so when you’re using these different frameworks, that’s what is meant to do to and kind of help you get to what you need, you know, get to, we get you to where you need to go.

And don’t be afraid also to talk to your GPT, ask questions. If you got an issue with analytics, right, you got so many percentage of people coming into your website but only a small amount of buying or none are buying, whatever it may be. Something I’ve had before ask what’s going on? Hey, I got people coming to this page and then they don’t buy anything. What do I need to change? It’ll give you a whole. She’ll talk to you or he, whichever voice you use, we’ll have a conversation right back with you after it’s analyzing what you’re saying. So speak clear, right? And, you know, I wanna say super slow, but very direct and it’ll give you answers right back. I love to be in my car and I’ll have Bluetooth on and I’m just talking back and forth to my AI and just asking questions and then making sure that it also records the notes from our conversation so I can go back and look at those instructions that it may or may not give me.

All of these different things really help me in my journey. And I wanna be able to off to be able to help you as well. So again, it doesn’t have to be about business. It can be about everyday things in life. Heck, you can even be about, you know, how to fix your car.

I’m joking. But, you know, get on these different language models, try them out. Try Chat Hub. So Chat Hub is a, and I’m just my ADHD rant on this one. Chat hub is, oh good gosh, it’s a Google plugin. And so it’s gonna do side by side comparison between like GPT and Gemini. For the free version, if you pay for it, then you have, then you can have up to 6 different ver comparisons you can look at and can go from there. Cuz when you, even with the side by side on the two, you can sometimes see that Jim and I might be more concise or more detailed in its steps you should take versus ChatGPT and vice versa. So try that out as well. But definitely, if you guys like this, definitely like follow for more if you got an informative, again, the framework I talked about now we want a bit of a ramp. It’s called Ryzen and says R, I, s, E, N. And definitely see you guys next time. Goodbye.