Revving Up Memories: A Tractor Enthusiast’s Tale of Pulling and Community Support

Well, I had to get out the specialty tools today. I needed the John Deere flywheel special service tools group of more wood blocks and a hydraulic bottle Jack. Let’s talk tractor poem. Well, I hope you guys like tractor poem because it’s that time of year. The next probably week and a half, we’re pretty much gonna talk about tractor.

I might break it up just a little bit, but we’re gonna talk about tractor pulling because our local Ellsworth FFA Alumni Tractor Pull is coming up and we’re gonna promote this and we’re gonna promote the packages, you know, are pulling packages and really gotta be thinking about pulling today. Where can I? Grumpy story time. So those old two cylinder diesels just pull like nothing that I’ve ever experienced. I mean, well, they wind up to, I think, I don’t know, there’s 13 RPM, max RPM, some of that.

I could look it up, but it’s very minimal, you know, and those things will lock down to literally you could count in between the pistons hidden. And that really gotta be thinking about pulling today because I needed to get this thing looked at. You know, I knew something was wrong with the flywheel, but I thought it might just be the thrust variance for the crank, but the flywheel was loose and it’s got a taperlike flywheel on it. So I ran down to the old mechanic that, you know, I Learned a lot from when I was younger and always looked up to, and he had worked on this tractor years ago and probably put that taperlock flywheel in. So I went down and asked him, I’m like, this doesn’t look right.

He explained to me what to do. He said put a bottle Jack on the clutch side so that the crank is bucked up. That’s what he’s exact words. Buck up the crank, put that nut at the end of the threads, get a steel bar, have somebody hold that steel bar well on it with them all. And if it goes well, it’ll go back in.

So it went in. We’ll see how she runs. But these two cylinder diesels, don had a 7:30 diesel. And I’ll always remember hauling chopper boxes with that thing up his driveway. Don had a really long driveway, and it wasn’t super steep, but it was long.

And by the top of the driveway, I mean, you’d keep the old 7:30 in road gear and it would lug right down to the point you could count in between the pistons hitting and the tires would actually break loose on the ground. That is so cool. And the other thing, so the old mechanic, Dan, when I was in high school, he helped me out a lot. The reason I went to vote tech for mechanics was I really looked up to like guys like him. And he helped me with my farm all m when I was in high school that we actually had it on his Dino and it made 70 horsepower on the.

I know. And we just thought that was the coolest thing in the world.

I did a lot of work to that am and that was really fun. But when you’re pulling an antique classes against like four for 60s and stuff, it’s tough, you know. But it was neat to go down and, you know, talk to Dan about this and those guys that have all that knowledge, you know, and that all that got me into pulling, you know, when I was younger, like, will we have the kids today have that same, you know, drive to wanna pull when they’re nowadays, I mean, like I plant corner of the tractor that I can throttle back to do the work it needs to do. It doesn’t work that tractor hard like we have horsepower nowadays. Back when I was a kid, horsepower was, you know, hard to find.

Like it was expensive. You know, 100 horsepower tractor was still a kind of a, you know, a lot of money. So a lot of farms were running, you know. 8:06 is 8:56, it’s 40,20 is that kind of stuff, you know. And you would work those tractors, you’d work them harder than they should be worked. And just like those two cylinders, you know, pulling them things down like that just made you wanna go pulling.

And you’re weren’t at a cab, you were out in the air and you could hear that and you could feel it. Like I sit in that a 2,20, five r, I mean, you don’t really feel that it’s great. But that bond that you had with those tractors when, you know, I’d face it, if you killed that 7:30 on that hill with a 16 foot chopper box, it was gonna be tough. So you had to put faith in those tractors. And that bond is just something I don’t know if kids get today.

So like for me, pulling, I pulled everything from, you know, like grumpy here up to a superstock and you worked up, you know, and nowadays it seems like people just write out, you know, some hide our invoices for, you know, big pollen tractors. And that’s kind of different. But do people have that connection? You know, I don’t know. So it was great.

I really enjoyed that. I’m looking forward to seeing if this works. What I’m afraid of is thrust washers for the crank are dropped out. And it might be, but at least it shouldn’t rub on the flywheel this way.

And what’s it running an hour a year, two hours, something like that. So let’s hope he’s okay. We’ll find out. But yeah, we’re gonna talk a lot about pulling the next week and a half. It was a huge, you know, a huge component of my growing up.

You know, I love tractor pulling and I kind of gotten away from it, you know, but maybe Charlie will really get into written him and I’ll. I’d build a pulling tractor if the kids were really into it, you know. If not, I don’t know. We’ll just go once a year to the one poll where, you know, it’s a birthday party that like I did last year where all you guys were having to fit about me hanging off the side of Clifford there. And we’ll pull Clifford or I’ll let my wife do it and maybe I’ll bring grumpy if I got the flywheel fixed.

I don’t know. It’s just kind of fun to do. But yeah, Poland was a big thing. So June 8th is our tractor pull in Ellsworth, the FFA alumni. And it’s a great thing because if it weren’t for the FFA alumni, there would be no fffa. So this is a huge fundraiser and it’s very important to us.

And every year, we sponsor the pole, a small sponsorship. As part of that sponsorship, we get tickets. And I always give those tickets along with beer and along with some stuff. And that money goes to Mike Burkhart’s charity, the Travis Burkart Foundation.

Now the other thing in the past, last year, we started doing a second package and we call this the Egg Coat package. Now last year, the Egg Cope package was an Alice Chalmers hat signed by a bunch of people. This year. It’s a deuts’ Alice hat. And you get barn tack, both the members of barn tack.

You get Nick Mccormick, you get Charlie Tracker, you get Groan Corn 2020 himself, Tony Reed also in this hat. But there’s more. So with the John Deer or ksih packages, we call the other package, you’re going to get a bunch of stuff with the John Deer package or the Case IH package, you get yourself your very own Reekman Brothers hooded sweat.

You get a Kelly Farms egg drainage sweatshirt and you get four tickets to the pool. And I’ll buy you a case of beer. You tell me what kind of beer you want. As long as it’s domestic and not something stupid and expensive, you get a case of beer, too. Oh, and we’ll throw in a Hyper Harvester T-shirt from my neighbor, Kevin Lindstrom, limited Pro stock, probably the top run and limited Pro stock in the country.

One Louisville, you know, now the Egg Code package, here’s what you get. Small liquor. Cuz we know you guys are all about cheap, right? You’re not into expensive beer. You don’t want to drink that much.

You just want, we’ll get you a couple cans of malt liquor. Perfect. And let’s face it, you don’t need four tickets because you probably don’t have that many friends. So you get two tickets. Then you also do get a Reekman Brotherhood sweatshirt, that hat. And I don’t, may will throw something else in.

We’ll see. But either way, this all goes to a good cause. This goes to Elsie’s Barnyard. And this is the charity that works with special needs children, special needs like down syndrome men and autistic kids like my son. So it’s a big deal to me.

And hell, what we’ll do now, one package doesn’t go to one, cause we’re just gonna put them both together and you guys split it. And we’ll just split it between the two charities. I think that’s fair. So somebody hit me up, hit Mike Burkard up. Let’s get this done.

It’s a great cause. And we’ll talk a lot about tractor pulling, but I’m gonna beat you guys over the heads with that because this is a big deal to me. So if you would, so June 8th, even if you can’t buy it, bid on the packages or something, just come to the pole junior, say hi. You guys have.