Close Call in World of Warcraft: A Level 31 Narrow Escape

Bing 36 boys. Oh, my goodness. Debron, did you just mock her on my ass as a 31?

No way. A 31. All right. Let’s go over here. Let’s go over here. A 31. Let’s go over here. Let’s go over here. Dude, there’s no way. Is he streaming? He is, bro. What? Hold on. Am I getting baited? Do Bronx, is this bait? He has whirlwind acts with fiery. Am I getting baited, boys? Bro? What? He’s level 31. Why would he do it?

No way am I an if I just take him out, there’s no way I lose, right, bro? Am I actually mock Ryan right now? Is there, so the only downside is I’m full leather versus he’s full male. Is it, do we do this? Hold on. Is this a safe place to do? Oh, my God, nowhere.

No way. Yes. Whirlwind acts with fiery. Like that’s my only concern.

He started it in that way.

Oh my God. Oh my God. I got so low. Google. Oigan, Sodo. I almost got one shot. Oh, my gosh. I got to execute range. Oh, like it’s the hard feeding, boys. Oh, my gosh. That got the heartbeating. Hey, I almost just got executed. Oh, my gosh. What did he hit me for? The retail hit me for 165,1,83,172 and fiery, all within a second. Oh, my gosh, guys, look at the timestamp. That in one second. This is the same second timestamp I got hit for a rend, a 200 damage heroic strike, 170 retail, 180 retail, a 40 Fiery and a 1,65 retail all within 1 second.

Bro, if he was spamming execute, I was dead. Oh my God. I almost just got one thing. I died. I said no pots. But what do you mean no pots? I didn’t know that. It’s a macara. What do you mean? If I did a pot, I was smoked. I mean, I still had intimate intim bandage, full magic. Does bandage fall? And I guess I had a lot of stuff besides just pop, but I just almost died without pressing a button. I’m at 52. I get hit to 13. If he press execute, I was dead. That was so stupid. I’m not my crying anymore. That was so stupid.