A Day in the Life of an Online Olympic Weightlifting Coach: From Content Creation to Business Strategy

I’m an online Olympic waylifting coach. Here’s what some of my day looks like. So this morning I went to, there’s a little bit of a lazier day. I went to the coffee shop and had some coffee and wrote my thousand words for the day is something I try and do every single day.

I’m chipping away at this probably about 5,000 word article right now on the best 3 day weight lifting split. I have the same article for the 5 day weight looking split and the 5 day program that we use. I haven’t had anything like that for the three day and I don’t really know how it slipped my mind. So that’s what I’ve been chipping away at this morning.

What I’m about to do now is two separate things, and this being the third thing, trying to make the most out of my time. So what I’m doing is I’m documenting myself while I’m editing an article from one of my coaches. And then while I’m editing that article, what I’m going to do is screen record myself editing this article and talking my way through my process and what it looks like so that over time, less editing needs to be done because it’ll be done upfront by the author.

All right, so we’ve got that blog article edited and I made the screen recording for how to go in and format the article for future authors who are gonna be writing for our site. I think next step, what I gonna do, unfortunately, the screen recording kind crashed midway through, so I gotta go in and edit the video, put it all together, and then upload it to YouTube with like a private link so that we can link that. And then one of the things that I wanna do, I don’t know if that’s something that I should do today, cuz it’s not that big of a priority, but it’s a bigger project is I’d like to create a company wiki, which is something that you could do in motion. And it’s just full of a bunch of standard operating procedures for how to do anything that runs in the business. Right now, I do the majority of that stuff, but over time, I plan to hire out some of those tasks. So right now what I’m thinking about is trying to film and create the standard operating procedures for all of those and have them all hosted in one place, so that any employee in our business can learn how to do any of these tasks. But that video is gonna take a while to get uploaded and be ready to edit. So I’m gonna go ahead and need some lunch. All done with lunch.

My next project that I’m gonna move into is taking one of the items that we referenced in this blog article, which was an RPE percentage scale and formatting that for a lead magnet that we’re gonna give away to people for free as an opt in for their email address. This is something that we use to help grow our email subscribers so that we’re less reliant on social media. But also it’s a way for us to build a little bit more trust with our readers. So the people that read our stuff and want to dive a little bit deeper into the stuff we’re making, we try and move them over to an email list rather than hope that the algorithm shows them our stuff again in the future. It’s a good way to make a little bit safer of a business and one that relies less on, you know, like whether or not Instagram decides to shut my reach down or something like that, lead magnet is done uploaded into convert kit. And it’s something that people, when they click on it, they’ll also get an upsell for a discount on a squat program. So just finding little ways to create valuable content that leads to free downloads, that gives people an opportunity to also purchase something and hopefully get it in a discount too.

The next thing that I’m gonna do is just the boring work I got to write some training program. So I’m gonna write a training program for somebody who has about three weeks before they take a vacation and then come back. So what we’re gonna do is kind of just some base building stuff since they just did a competition and gives them some opportunities to push the lift a little bit.

I think I’m done for the day for the most part. So the last thing that I’m gonna do to just kind of set myself up for the week is right, my weekly to do list for next week.

Weekly to do list is something that I’ve added into my routine as opposed to daily to do lists because I found that when I had daily to do lists, my brain kind of tends to think of everything as an emergency. So it needs to be done that day. So I switched over to a weekly to do list and I tried to never add anything to it mid week. Sometimes that doesn’t happen, but a lot of the time I actually am able to not do that. So I’ll add it to a list that maybe I can put on the following week if it needs to get done. So I categorize everything into a couple different key categories. A lot of it is just daily routine stuff. I write 1,000 words every day. So I put that on the list. I aim to send a message out to everybody on my train heroic team once a day. So I add that to the list.

I aim to post something on Instagram every day. And I could be better about planning out my content ahead of time. But Instagram’s not really a main priority for me. YouTube is. So I add it to the list.

Other categories that I think about are website stuff, big upcoming projects, like we’ve got a program that we’re going to launch, like a coach program that we’re going to launch on June 1st. So we have to start kind of working on getting the landing pages and the programming and the delivery methods and the checkout page and everything set up and ready to go for that. And then we’ve also got a bunch of events. I’ve got a seminar May 25th in Tallahassee, and I’m also gonna be running a training camp, eh, from June 17 to the 21st and general promotion stuff that needs to happen with that. So those are all the things that go to my weekly list. And then as I go throughout the week, I just knock stuff off. I don’t always get everything on it done, but when I do, it feels really great. And it’s a way for me to avoid the clutter of daily to do list when stuff just kind of finds its way onto my to do list that isn’t really all that important.

That’s everything for this video. That’s all I did for the day. Lot of boring stuff, but it is what moves the business forward and that is the goal at the end of the day. Catch you guys the next one.