Intense WNBA Game Recap: Chicago Sky vs. Indiana Fever Showdown

All right, we’re gonna go the final minute and seven seconds left. It is a tie ball. Game 84. Who do you got in this game? Chicago Sky have the ball. Alan’s got the ball. Looking inside, Angel Reese and Smith are fighting. Angel Reese gets it, gets her shoulder and puts it in Chicago sky. Up 86,84. Here it is again, 25 for Angel Reese.

Today, Indiana Fever went away from Caitlin Clark in the last quarter and a half. I have no idea what they’re doing. They’re letting Christy Wallace pass the ball. I, I don’t, they’re totally blowing this game.

First rookie was 25,15 since Asia Wilson, 2,018. Alright, Indiana’s got the ball, 50 seconds left. Mitchell gives it off to Smith, pushes Reese, misses it. Why are they not going to Caitlin Clark right now? Alia Boston with the fall, 43.4 seconds left. Cardos is gonna shoot, too. Here’s Smith right here. Good shot. Just airballed at Cardosa with the rebound. All right. Big free throws for Cardosa, 15 points, nine rebounds, one more away for another double for her. She missed the first. All right, here’s the second free throw. Gets it 87,84,43.4 seconds left. Kalen Clark is gonna bring the ball down the court, finds Boston on. Reese gets through but misses the layup again.

Rebound, Alan Candy Carter followed by Kaylan Clark, Kennedy. Carter misses the first. Here’s the second. Got it. 88,84,27.8 seconds. Maybe they’ll actually go to Caitlin Clark for once. They keep going inside on Angel Reese. She’s too good. Inside. 27.8 seconds left. Indiana down by four.

Bostons got the ball, 25 seconds, Boston’s wide open. Take the three. She did. She hit it. Boston with the 3:00,87 sky with the timeout, 19.7 seconds to go. The crazy part on this one is she wanted to go to Christy Wallace and Wallace made a mistake and she told her about it after the play. Either way, Boston hit the Po, hit the 3. The big thing is India still has a reset timeout. So they can take a timeout and go to the other side of the court.

19.7 Sky up by one. Mabry’s got the ball. Christy Wallace has to dive and follow her. Maybe it’s gonna shoot too, right? Maybe with her first and she misses it. Are we go 87 babies. Got one more free throw with 18.3. Oh, my god. She went short.

Fight for the rebound. Caleb Clark takes it from Kennedy. Carter gives it off to Wallace. Wallace can’t get it. And I don’t know who went. It kind of look like a one off boss. All right, seven seconds left. Kaylin Clark Scott, the ball gives it to Boston. Kaylen Clarke gives the Boston again for a 22 footer. She missed it. Why is Boston taking a 22 footer? Why is Boston taking that shot? I don’t have any idea why Boston would take that shot. So with point five seconds left, there’s no chance for Indiana here.

Cardosa just missed the first one. All right, here we go. Cardosa misses it. Rebound, Boston, this is gonna be hard to figure this one out here. Alright, so they put 2.2 seconds left on the clock. They’re gonna have to throw to the basket cuz there’s no way that you can grab and shoot. Kaylen Clarke throws it to Smith, missed it, and Chicago wins this game. Indiana blew this one.