Decoding Arcade Prices: How Much Does it Really Cost to Win Those Prizes?

What are arcade prices worth of money? The small prizes are usually things like bottled drinks, candy, or random stationery. Then you have medium prices like board games or plushy. Then the big one, hairdryers, Nintendo Switch games.

But I’ve always wondered how much do I actually need to spend in order to win these prizes? So I decided to do some research. I got $50 and I assembled a small team. I’m drew and my mom says that I’m really good at basketball. I’m Johnny and I’m super competitive. I’m Isaac and I have an Arctic membership. I’m 8 and I have no idea what I’m doing.

The mission is simple. We’re gonna try and win as many tickets as possible with $50 and then see what kind of prices we can get in. The top ones have more points. I said, come on, badness, that’s still not bad. For a while, it seems like we weren’t having much luck. Danny, Bounce. I get too hard. Try again, Dragon. I ask you hard for sure. Oh, oh, oh, no. Oh, you just 10. Then suddenly everything changed.

That’s awesome. Yeah, so bad. I’m dreaming of that air fryer or that wireless mouse that they reflect on winning that Jackson. I’ve never won anything in my life, so this feels good. Okay, let’s see going.

That’s so funny. Now we got luck when you wanted to understand, is this three jackpots in a row course? I think we do that about this. Okay. I think it’s your turn to win a Jackpot. Okay. Am I? No. See, one more time. Okay.

And it works. Actually, we need to get.

Now, no. Hey, what?

$50 and multiple jackpots later, we won a total of 9,731 tickets. We went to the price section thinking that we’d be able to get something decent. But honestly, there really weren’t that many good prizes for under 10,000 tickets, most of the prices were small trinkets like this coin purse or trading cards for a game that we don’t play. So in the end, for a grand total of $50, we were able to win. This means that we spend about 0.005 cents for every ticket that we want. So hypothetically, how much would we need to spend in order to win all those other prices? Disclaimer, based on our own personal experience, these suites were the cheapest price we saw at 20 tickets per suite. One suite cost about 10 cents to win, which is actually on par with what it would cost at a mama shop. Sadly, that was the only value for money price that we saw. This Sour Power 6 cost 1,300 tickets, which equates to about $6 dollars and 50 cents. But you can buy them for just over $1. This cute little Samuel character first $44.

This monopoly game, 11,960 tickets or the equivalent of fifty nine dollars and eighty cents, 1190 at Toys R Us. The wireless mouse that we were looking at earlier, 20,400 tickets or $102. Popular is selling them for 1590.

This keyboard, 78,760 ticket, which is equivalent to three hundred and ninety. Three dollars and eighty cents. Regular retail price, $75. This Nintendo Switch game, 90,680 tickets, which means you’d be spending about $453 to win it, or you can just buy it for about $60. Okay. Okay. I don’t think I need to go on anymore. It’s clear that you’re not exactly getting your money’s worth for these prices, but that doesn’t mean that I think you should stop going to arcades. If you’re just playing to win the prizes, then you’re definitely better off just buying the prizes elsewhere. But if you’re going there to have a good time with your family or friends or just to kill off a few hours, why not, right? Just don’t expect to win any huge prizes unless you’re willing to put in the time and money to save those tickets up. We know. No.