Uncovering the Billionaire-controlled Media: The Untold Story of Jeff Bezos and Corporate Influence

If you think billionaires don’t control the media, have I got a story for you? So, first of all, Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, has spent many years paying lawyers to try to put my husband in prison. They failed, which shows you how outrageous the allegations were. Essentially, Jeff Bezos had his lawyers called the DOJ and say my husband criminally violated his employment contract. He didn’t. But the DOJ didn’t so much as check my husband’s employment contract. We say it before saying, yes, Sir, Jeff Bezos. I guess so. We ended up spending millions of dollars to prove that my husband didn’t even violate his employment contract and keep my husband out of prison.

It’s a shocking story where ultimately the DOJ ended up having to publicly vacate guilty pleas from my husband’s alleged conspirators is not in the interest of justice, which does not happen in America.

And yet no journalist has done a deep dive into the story, which is like so sensational. There are wild recordings. Prosecutors were kicked off the investigation. FBI agents were kicked off the investigation. And it involves the highest levels of Amazon. You would think it would be a very good story. It is. But no one’s covering it. And I’ll tell you why. No one’s covering it. Why? Because our media is entertainment. I hate when people say the mainstream media cuz that sounds like an extremist term. But we should say the term corporate media because media in America are for profit corporations. They depend on ad dollars. Who is the biggest buyer of ads in the media, in the world by like double. Amazon dot com, Jeff’s company. And like, not for nothing, but I’ve heard a recording. Don’t know if it’s true, it’s not mine, someone else’s, of Jeff Bezos joking that he would try to bankrupt Ami, a media company, for fun. Like, okay, and you might not believe that, but here’s the thing. Let’s just dive into the current scandal brewing at the Washington Post, Jack’s paper, which should make it all very clear, Bezos about the Washington Post a long time ago. It’s been losing a bunch of money. He decides to bring in a new business lead, this guy, Will Lewis from the UK he used to work for another billionaire named Rupert Murdock, allegedly. While Will Lewis work for Rupert and Murdock in the UK, Murdock’s team was involved in some allegations where they hacked Prince Harry’s phones. Like, wow. Like, first of all, pause. Bezos made this huge deal allegedly that MBS, a Saudi prince, hacked his phone and like got the freaking UN involved. Why would he even tangle or dance with someone who’s okay with phone hacking? Just doesn’t make sense to me.

But anyway, so will Lewis allegedly covered up this Rupert Murdock phone hacking scandal to the tune of like destroying thousands of documents. And that case is finally going to trial like 12 years after it happened in the United Kingdom in the fall. So Sally Busby, the then editor of The Washington Post is like, I’m gonna write about this, The Washington Post. And Will Lewis was like, no, you’re not Sally. And what does Sally do? She quit because business owners at The Washington Post should not be intimidating editors into what they can and cannot report on. Like that alone would have gotten many business men and women fired at national newspapers in America, but not for. Jeff said, you’re fine. Well, let’s keep going. Okay. So you’re condoning that behavior like Sally is gone, Sally quit. Does Sally get her job back, Jeff, or is it just you’re gonna keep.

Well, and what does that say to all of the reporters at the Washington Post if you report on something that might be controversial to Jeff and will comes and delivers a message. Well, if you don’t like what will says, you can just quit cuz Jeff’s gonna back will. Of course he’s gonna back the man, of course. But there’s more to it.

Will brought on his favorite editor who used to work at the Wall Street Journal to replace Sally. When this guy works The Wall Street Journal, some reporters published a piece about Elon Musk, a billionaire, alleged affair with Sergey Brin, a billionaire, and his wife. The police was sourced with anonymous sources, right? So their names weren’t public, but the reporters were very confident in the veracity of the allegations. After the Wall Street Journal published the piece, Elon Musk was like, this didn’t happen. This is all a lie. Who did the Wall Street Journal editor believe? Elon. Not his reporters. In fact, allegedly, this editor then went and screamed at his reporter, threatening to expose the anonymous sources. If you know anything about journalism in America, the Protection of anonymous sources is fundamental to everything. We wouldn’t have had Watergate. Nixon would have stayed in office. I mean, there’s so much that matters with anonymous forces.

But this Wall Street Journal editor was so upset about potentially pissing off Elon Musk and Sergey Brin, the billionaires, that he was willing to upset one of the basic principles of American journalism. So, of course, Jeff Bezos wants him to be the editor of the Washington Post because Jeff Bezos is a billionaire who wants to be protected, I guess.

And ultimately, as to the Elon Musk survey printing proved to be true, according to the New York Times that did a much more in depth piece on this after the Wall Street Journal piece. But here’s the point of all of it, right? These billionaires are out there lying to the media, manipulating the media, covering for one another. And the people that work for them know that they can lose their jobs if they piss them off. It’s a corporate media. It’s not a media delivering you the news and the truth. It’s a media delivering you the message that the billionaires want you to hear. The message they want you to hear is the message that keeps their companies afloat and keeps them afloat. Big Pharma, Big Tech, I mean, it’s everywhere.

It took me years to understand this because I wanted to believe in the people that were running the country and running the media and believe that they had our best interest in mind. But I just, I don’t think so. And this isn’t against the individual reporters are out there doing good work, trying very hard. And there are a lot of reporters who’ve tried to share my family story and have been shut down.

I mean, think about this, right? Think about Jeff Bezos in his alleged affair with his now fiancee, Lauren Sanchez. No one has done the deep dive into it. Hell, I don’t even think anyone’s actually done a deep dive into Jeff Bezos life. But no one’s down the deep dive into the relationship between Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez and what transpired. And don’t think it’s for lack of trying by reporters. I know of numerous stories that have been caught and killed. And if you think I’m lying, think about Harvey Weinstein. How many years were the stories about Harvey Weinstein caught and killed until the intrepid Ronan Farrow just went and said, I’m doing this. And I guess the only thing I can hope is that someday some reporter is brave enough to tell the story of my family, because it’s a story that should share, scare the out of all of us. Why? Because Jeff Bezos was able to get the department of justice to gut my family’s life through civil forfeiture, FBI raids in terror for four years over alleged violence violations of an employment contract that didn’t even withstand scrutiny in a civil lawsuit. And I’m convinced the only reason that we even survived any of it was because once I realized that the media wasn’t going to be able to investigate and share this story, I shared it myself here on this platform, on TikTok. It was a moment in time that I believe saved my family. And the reason I know it was so important was because at a certain point, Jeff Bezos lawyer, Patrick Stoke sent me a letter saying that if I didn’t shut down my TikTok, he was gonna accuse me of witness tampering, a federal crime to federal prosecutors. He was gonna accuse the mother of 4 young girls of a federal crime for being here on TikTok. You don’t do that unless you’re scared. You don’t do that unless someone’s telling the truth and you don’t want people to hear it. You are over the target when they send that letter to you. I stand here and I feel like I sound like a conspiracy theorist because that is what they have done to all of us. If you don’t just toe the line, you’re a conspiracy theorist. But we’re not. We’re just beginning to understand the game and it’s completely rigged. There are five large corporations that run all of the media in America now. It’s a monopoly. It’s a cabal, and it needs to be broken out. But stay tuned because Jeff Bezos continued support for Will Lewis and what’s happening at the post. This could change everything because I think everyone starting to see it.