Americans Try British Chocolate: A Taste Test Adventure

Americans try British chocolate for the first time. I think our chocolate is actually pretty good. So yeah, really interested to see these Americans try it. Before we do get into this, I appreciate you guys connect a subscribe button. Let’s just say this and see what we got. Oh, I love this.

Today we’re giving Americans some of our favorite British chocolates. More and more. Yo, a good Arrow Bar does. Oh, yo, did. I did see Kinder. They buy out Kindle. How did you grow up with him? Hersheys. Hersheys. Hershey Bar. Have you ever had British chocolate before? I don’t think so. When we think of chocolate, this is about same customer. Have you guys had this before? No, I.

Heard so much about.

Very good Dairy milk for. I.

Love this candy.

Bar. Hear me bouncing off the walls. I’m really, it look like a, not a pad, but what do you mean a campus look like a sample? I would not use it for that, but that looks like a tad pot, honestly. So this is.

Wait, so they make more than just eggs?

Oh, Cadbury. Oh, my gosh, mate. Egg is only the beginning. It hatches and then there’s a whole life. Oh, mimics so much. Okay, well, which is good. Yeah, I’m a fan flavor of chocolate. I like, hey, listen, I’ve watched 2 over Americans tried British food videos and we tried a comfort food. You guys did not like that at all. And then we tried snacks and it was kind of 50. So I really hope it for good reviews. And dude, because that chocolate is good. But okay, there was.

Nuts in here. I think it would be perfect.

At first I was thinking Hershey bar, but as I kept chewing. Is something else more creamy? Tastes.

Exactly like the shell of a Cadbury. Creamy.

Okay. It’s good. Oh, yeah, yeah, very good. Okay. Okay. Then. Okay. Oh, I mean, no comparison. This is good.

It’s better than Hershing’s outside.


Like it. I think definitely better than Hersheys.

Wait, they’re all say bad. And Hershey’s bro. I’ve actually tried Hersheys and I wasn’t too much of a fan compared to our chocolate. Yeah, I wasn’t too much of fun. I don’t know why. I’ve had conversations with this about you guys in my stream before saying like, why is your chocolate just like not made that good? You know, I mean, like your Resa’s peanut butter chocolate is really good. I don’t know, like the Hershey, I feel like you could do better. Yo, you. I think.

So. This is a far superior milk chocolate Hershey. Better Easter, you know.

Better Easter. One of the.

Most accurate things I’ve ever heard in my life. Okay.

Next up, we have this, John, you know, you know this.

Of course I do. I love this.

Chocolate. I’ve never seen this before. It’s good.

For peppermint is maybe the most British thing about anything we’ve eaten so far.

Have you seen that before? I have it. Like it’s a mint. One food I like mint and chocolate. Oh yeah, I’m a big chocolate fan. People who like.

Mint in their chocolate.

Demon. Okay. Okay. You guys like, I’m not a big. Oh, yo, I love mint in my chocolate. I love mint chocolate, dude. Fan of mint chocolate. I do like, yeah, I know. Look, I don’t want people to know that I’m a demon, okay? Li. Really excited.

It’s like cartoonish. I could stare at this for ages. It’s so interesting that colors. Cool. Templates like the same.

Right? Yeah, cuz it’s real sure. Come on. They got like it. I.

Do not expect that. It’s a little thin, minty, but the holes.

Give it a nice.

Texture when you bite in. It’s not, you know, it’s like you fall into it.

Yeah, it smells like my toothpaste. I really hope it. I feel like he’s slating it right now, but I feel like he’s gonna like it. Okay, he’s already here. What is that?

Kind of looks like an alien.

No, bro. He said, oh, before you bit dude, you put it in his mind. What? Just try to make a chocolate bar? Wait. What.

Kind of looks like an alien, like if aliens.

Try to make a chocolate bar. Yeah, it actually does. Yeah, in a good way. I don’t hate alien chocolate. Yeah, smooth, super smooth. I kind of feel smooth. Yeah, really smooth, right?

Like the mint. I like this. That’s good. Shoes good in your mouth. You taste.

That mint like I’m chewing gum and like the mint. Oh, like, you know, when we do our math. Yeah, I would describe it as chewing gum. I would describe it is that it’s not that mint. It’s like a softer kind of mint flavor chocolate. It’s not like that.

It’s like an after dinner man. Is that we’re gonna say what’s not balance? Cuz you knew.

What I was gonna say. What’s it after dinner?

Really great balance of chocolate to men and like all your milk chocolate is better. Okay. If this were Hersheys, it would taste horrible. Unforgivable.

We’re gonna be present. Like, no violation. I don’t get it, right? Why is it? Like, I’m really curious, bro, because like you guys in America absolutely destroy food in a good way. Like you make it so good. Why is you talk?