Exploring Beauty and Fashion in Hong Kong: A Makeup and Skincare Adventure

Skate park hotel and they going to do in quick hole yang mengambil. So far, here’s the Hong Kong first. Actually, this one somehow.

Para. Yuk kita lebih 9 vero nona hitam shadow sesuai nantinya eko sasmito.

Bibir Indonesia snow white juga dengan nato. Sound nya kasih. Then also some Macau. So Victoria Secret. Then now that we’re in Hong Kong, mostly puru makeup. And conditioner, the. The subaki premium x instan. Repair conditioner and shampoo treatment. I use some color red hair. For the hair.

I decided to try it out better. I think pump. So next I got these G1, she Prisma, Libra, I don’t know how to pronounce it. Loose powder.

This is my most favorite new folder game pc now dgn abis. Hong Kong, the first time I went here. And as you can see, Madame Shalaman. But since I’m here now and I decided to get to. Hanya survey yang ingin di. I’m on my face right now.

And then I got this mini airbrush, flawless setting spray from Charlotte Tilbury, full size. I’m thinking Hong Kong, I might buy another one pair of. Usually since. Travel or. La mujer overnate longs a Manila de los ricos helón de New Myle. Bisa jadi tuh she hourglass vanish consider sebenarnya bandi dongeng sama ibu. London.

Yeah, so I don’t know, but I decided to get it and try it, Nala. And I hope I got the right match. This is in the shade birch. Next, I got some lenses from Olens. You guys know how much I love lenses from Olens, but I think 2,500 for all of this.

I got ash page before I just repurchased it. And then your olive. This one is one of my favorites. I got the Estee Loader Advanced Night Repair. I team got this eyeshadow from can make. Lastly, I got this benefit dandelion blush. I might try it tomorrow, but feeling a bug.

It is a skin thing. Yesterday I went to Mannings and I got this pimple patch from the brand acne. Yes, apnees. Because Hong Kong, I don’t know why. Paraphrase every day. Oh, yeah. And then.

Everyday Papua Nugini, Kalimantan posisi Filipina sungai enggak ikut reform the next web the donkey icon yang mana? Berikut itu for my self satu movie. Facial treatment mask. This has 35 sheet. I wanted to try it out since.

This one is a skin milk saya chess the sayang di kepolisian tersembuhkan screening nya pam shm dan negatif. Is shaver cool? And sometimes buy it for paperback. Here’s a Hong Kong you need to pay $1 para my paper, YSL Libra. I don’t know how to pronounce it, but I got a small 1,3 TML and then I got this matomage hair styling stick. I actually have this one already.

Iwan khusus sebahai kasih main akun dayung pink es itu first round hold you pink pandang reguler normal holbox kita ubah skin while while in Hongkong itu. Nah itu yang coba gue memang check out the box cold clear white on your glasses part. From a bug.

This is from Kate Tokyo, also from donkey. It’s a lip monster. It’s more of like a hydrating lips stick. It’s so pretty. Oh, we went to coach cranes at TSP. And when we were in IFC. Xylose nah ini amin abu thanks orang tua kita in person ke sini kita allways. Thì tôi spandan suốt, nó sẽ chê cười nói chúa đó nha.

Nangis nentu. Iya kami. Gini gan kayu ini tubes a done so. Nah kayak nama dia memilih nakes. By Muslim colors and then my bigger size than Nano. But I of course went for the smaller size to say I don’t really like carrying super big bags, either this one or this color. I’ll insert a photo here, but I ended up getting this one alone. I mean, get it on color on bag. And then most of the bugs you might finish Bibilico recently.

Mal hecho tiknan, pero también me la guay, no de todos. PD Spirit five Button Spirit Twenty, pero te in the only no eran ticknan, pero sobres dame muy mal a la vez. Arista iya tapos my full print. Of course my dogs full fairing paling mana bibir ikut itu song yi. Baik.