Double Trouble: The Juicy Saga of Being Stood Up Part 2

Being stood up for the first time, part 2. You are not gonna believe this. You’re not gonna believe this. This is gossip, mate. This is juicy . So obviously I did a TikTok this weekend about getting stood up on a date for the first time. And now it was just very strange and all this stuff and everyone had their kind of theories in the comments. And it was quite interesting. The girl reached out, she unblocked munifichen and reached out and was like, gave me a reason for why she what she did and all this. And I was asking for an opportunity to kind of like explain ourself.

Sometimes I was like, you know what, could burn me again. Could. But I’ll give you the benefit down as I’ll give you the opportunity to explain what the situation was.

So she’s chased a couple of times, but on she gave her expression of it and she like, I don’t expect you to forgive me, but I would like the opportunity to do it. Kai value option is there, which didn’t have to do. Most people, including everyone in the comments, were just like, mate, that.

And again, I wasn’t expecting to be unblocked, but I was so intrigued by the story. So I got reeled in. Asks how I would like to approach it and like what the kind of situation would I wanna meet up? Would I wanna like a phone call? And I was like that whoever like a coffee or something.

And then she’s like, not like I’m not around for a week cuz I’m somewhere else as I like I’m away that weekend as well. So let’s just do it on WhatsApp, right? I just have a phone call something off. I wanna video call. So wanna say she’s real.

Then it was like, I can’t do tonight because of this. And then I was okay, well, it’s tomorrow or nothing, which mean like tonight. And then she like, she takes me throughout the day and she’s like, yeah, so I just finish some, finish up somewhere all these little , you know, what’s happening, you know, I was gonna it happen shock we agree a time.

Go to go on my WhatsApp to video caller image disappear. She did it again. For me once, shame on you. For me twice, shame on me. All my days, people are weird. What the ? Imagine, like, it’s not I’m funny.

Someone’s mugging me or pranking me or saying someone’s pranking me and fair play. That is the wildest . Like that. I’ve got like no words. So yeah, there’s a reason I’ll hate on dating apps.

There’s a reason I hate on day and I’m just cuz people all my days. Oh, my days. Can you imagine grovelyn? You know, it’s really funny. She said she saw the TikTok. She said she saw the TikTok.

So I know, especially now that, yeah, I think she saw that herself. But obviously I’m gonna make another one. Oh my God, how about what I said? What you want me as well? Nice guys do finish last, you know, just to give someone a benefit a doubt. Boys, just stop and I’m just, just laugh.

Don’t be. But this is why guys turn bitter. I promise you. This is why people turn better. This is why someone will get stunned in a situation like this and this is why the narrative of the opposite sex changes in air.

But it’s not the opposite sex is just the past , you know, like someone’s pranking me. Good. There’s no way that’s a real person, surely. Oh, yeah. Mad in it. Mad.