Light Stick Etiquette and Concert Flexibility: A Debate on Fan Gear Interchangeability

The light stick of the band you are seeing do not bring a different band’s light stick. Whoa, man’s got me riled up with this one. Go watch his whole video because I literally agree with everything else that he says. It’s just this one particular part that I have a problem with. He goes on later to say, well, if you were going to a Taylor Swift concert and you didn’t have a Taylor Swift shirt, would you wear a Beyonce shirt to a Taylor Swift concert? I wore a Michael Jackson shirt to a Jackson Wang concert. Okay. And I was considering also wearing a Michael Jackson shirt, twin and hype and concert. So it does not matter. I feel like I’ve seen people wear a different artist to somebody’s concert before. Like, that’s not a foreign concept. The artist is not gonna give . And honestly, that other artist might also like the artist on your shirt and they’ll appreciate it, you know, that you’re like wearing someone that they admire.

But back to the light sticks, if you don’t have the group’s light stick, it’s okay to take a different light stick. The only reason why I personally don’t do that myself is because I like when the light stick, you know, syncs up with the concert. And I just feel like turning it onto white or a different color is just really bright and distracting, not because it’s offensive to the K pop group that you’re going to watch or it’s gonna make the people around you mad. That’s not. I’ve never seen that as a problem. I also think it’s totally cool if you take a light stick of a different group that’s under the same label. That would make sense. Cuz then like, oh, I don’t have your light stick because you didn’t have the money for it. It was sold out or it you don’t hard scan the group. So you don’t think that you need their light stick or something like that. And you like take a different group, slight stick that’s within the same company. I feel like that makes sense. So like for example, if you were going to a Stray Kids concert, but you don’t have a Stray Kids life sake. You would take a twice lightstick, for example, because they’re both under JYP. Or if you went to an hype in and you didn’t have an enhype in lightsake, you could take BTS lightstick or something because they’re both under B lift or not B lift, what’s a hibe?

Also, I would like to also give another example. I took an MCN d glow stick. It literally looks like a glow stick and it glows like neon green. I took that to an 80s concert and thanks to that glow stick, I am able to find where I was seated in the picture that they took. Like everyone else has, you know, the regular light stick and mine was the only bright neon green stick in the picture. If you zoom in, you can see my bright neon green light stick. And I’m like, that’s me in the picture because nobody else had the neon green light stick. And then the guy in the video also goes on to suggest buying these like regular sh, regular plain ass looking light sticks that you get a pack of three of them for $20 and you can just change the color to whatever you want, which I think also applies to what I was saying about like the green light stick. It’ll be easy to find in the group photo if you really try to. But I think spending an extra $20 on a lightstick that isn’t even branded is completely unnecessary. Versus you spent a lot of money on a different groups, you know, light stick and you already have it, might as well use it. You might also have the light stick of a group that doesn’t tour as often, you know, in the US or whatever country you’re in. And you just wanna take it to a different, you know, groups concert. Like for example, I have an astro light stick. And because Rocky left and moonbin passed, I don’t think Astro is gonna be coming anytime soon, if they ever come back to America. So I’m honestly considering taking my astro light stick to 80s because I don’t have an 80s light stick. And if anyone has a problem with you taking somebody else’s light stick to a different group’s concert, that’s a then problem. You shouldn’t worry about what you do if it makes you happy and you know that you spent the money to get this light stick and you unfortunately can’t afford or don’t want to buy the light stick of the group that you’re going to see. Maybe because a friend invited you and you don’t really stand them like that, that’s fine. Screw what everybody else thinks you do. You, you do you, bestie, you do you Point Blank. If you wanna take somebody else’s K pop group lightstick to a different concert, just take it. Screw what everybody else thinks. I’m sorry about this dude’s video. Like that’s the only thing. I disagreed with. Everything else, he makes good points, but like just that one part.