Title: Exposing Racism: Confronting Discrimination and Promoting Equality in Today’s Society

Or we’ve got black people. And as you know, we don’t like black people. Oh, they’re ugly. And we don’t do ugly. Or you’d have black and white, a husband’s white, the woman’s black. I don’t want to say it. I just want to see white Anglo Saxons buying houses internationally. That’s what I would like to see. I know it sounds awfully racist and bigoted, whatever. I don’t really give anyway.

Alright, there you have it. Tell me the truth. Are you surprised? Are you really that surprised that someone can talk about a well known TV show and just basically say, I don’t like black baby and I don’t like interracial data. Are you afraid we’re stealing your women?

Or isn’t that you just think I’m gonna try to take back something which you’ve taken from me because you’ve done something bad to me. Is it coming out of fear? What is it? What makes someone that comfortable today? We don’t like black and we don’t want them on TV.

And I don’t relate to them. And I wanna see my people buying houses, not black people. So I can want them to have wealth or something. I need to calm myself down when I make these videos because I don’t wanna emotionally react. I just wanna speak facts and truth.

And it’s got me to 18,000 fold so far. But let’s just say like this. Can you pitch a going on a social media platform and saying you just don’t like a race and everyone just has to accept it?

Now, if it’s a joke, even that’s a little bit closer line. But whatever joke stroke. But to be serious and say that and just want us to be like, yeah, I, I mean, I guess I don’t like us and it’s just a joke. Of course we’re gonna make a video, of course we’re gonna blow it up and of course we’re gonna try to get you canceled.

And we’re getting you canceled and we try to blow it up because what you’re doing is wrong and you don’t want to make amends for it. Let’s just be honest. If the roles are reverse, and I said that particularly had to do with like a white person and a white lady, and I mean, an Australian land, you know, I’ll get taken down for that.

But to say that you don’t like black people, what do we do to you? And he’s wealthy. Like I’m sure we’re not in your circles, bro. What do we do to you? I don’t understand. And what did the show do to you?

You don’t wanna see black couples and he specifically said a white man, we’re black woman. Do you know what’s really saying that? He’s saying better than you. We’re better than you and we shouldn’t lower ourselves to data. Black woman, what do you want me to do? That information. You’re forcing my hand.

I have to make this video and I have to show that there’s racism and all the other people are gonna come in the comments and be like, oh, all you do is cry about Ruson cables up. You’re part of the problem. Because if you don’t want me to speak up and you wanna remain silent, you’re enabling. You are an enabler. I said it.

You’re an enabler because you don’t want me to speak on someone talking about black people. An interracial dating, which has to do with white people, by the way, you’re actually being racist to your own kind when you think about it. You’re saying why probably shouldn’t take that. Otherwise you’re below them and you. Boy me.

Wow, the audacity. I don’t like to be moved outside of that often.

But what really gets me is the whole, well, back in my day, like that sort of entitlement. But at the end day, he can speak like that. You know why? Because he’s sort of right. History and the society we’re in has shown him that’s what I can do. That’s we’re gonna say. So it’s your fault for not setting up, it’s my fault for not setting up.

It’s everyone’s fault because we have to create a culture which is better for us and better for anyone who’s black, white, yellow, big, tall, small, whatever. You get the gist. The fact that he can say that is a reflection of us, meaning we allow that. He said that quite constantly. Imagine what he says off camera for real.

Anyway, I’m gonna keep on making these videos, guys. I don’t wanna hear anyone tell me, oh, what are you people talking about races? Bro, did you see that? Make sure you stand up. Like share, follow. Let’s go, guys. Let’s go. It’s ridiculous.