Crisis in the Middle East: An Overview of the Israel-Iran Conflict

How was your weekend? My weekend was. Breaking at this moment, Israel under fire from Iran. It’s just raining rockets with those sirens blaring out. We do effectively have World War 3 in progress. Oh, no, that World War 3. I’m still writing Iraq War on all my checks. But yes, the skies above Israel were lit up like a. I want to say Christmas tree, but that’s probably not for that area.

Menorah is the moment society is dreaded since the arm SIS of 1945 finally upon us? As Einstein said, he doesn’t know what weapons World War 3 will be fought with, but he knows the next ones will be fought with sticks and stones. This is John Stewart signing off. May god bless us and everyone and let future civilizations know. And we could not overcome our fatal nature. In the end, there was almost no damage as Israel, the US and other allies shot down 99% of Iran’s missiles and drones.

Wasn’t World War 3. I certainly regret doing this. I. I. Oh, boy. Moment of panic and I guess sort of a primitive instinct. But is that me? Did I? Hard powerful, right. But kudos, the United States and to Israel. It shows just how effective a military defense system can be when you funnel American dollars away from healthcare and education, it really helps to build. And the best part is we did it with no help.

The two amigos surrounded by hostile Arab nations, united in their zeal to destroy Israel. Jordan’s air force also intercepted and shot down dozens of drones that violated its airspace and were on their way to Israel. And we’ve now Learned that Saudi Arabia and the UAE provide added real time intelligence that help track the incoming missiles.

What are the teams of these wars? I don’t even know the teams anymore. The Arab countries are helping Israel. I don’t know what the teams are. We need to sort this out with jerseys or something because Iran could attack at any moment.

In a statement, Iran said it now considers the matter concluded. Hey, do you hear that? We’re good. By the way, he was delicious. Really? That’s what I do. Anyway, we’re gonna be okay. Israel has vowed it will respond to Iran. Alright. Can I have a word with you, Middle East over here? Shaloma Leckham trying to cover all bases. Listen, I hope this doesn’t sound patronizing, but when we in the west drew your region’s borders and set you up with perfectly functioning dictatorships, we expected, see, the agreement was we would make up a whole new bunch of countries, some of which made sense. And in return, you would give us your delicious oil. That was the deal. You give us your delicious oil.