The Quest for the Perfect Coffee: A Detailed Review of Various Coffees from Different Locations

Right now, the hunt for a palatable coffee is coming to an end. This is the best vid jet we’re covering. Pie face, United end shell servo. Let’s go United. High face, slightly cheaper on the E10. A bit nervous here.

There is aristocoffee and machine coffee, so we’re gonna have to do both. $1 milk and hot water. Rest of the shop straight for that. There’s no big knife. I didn’t find the toilet. I’ve lasted the 3 surveys. I know Nicholas. Just one flat white will do any.

Sure. No, 3:50 for a flat wire. that is scorching hot. Oh, am I gonna have to do the milk? You’ve got chain surveys that are all around Australia, local surveys, and you got those ones in the middle that sell vapes to children. I don’t know where this one fits. Here we have the $1 machine coffee, which has crema.

Can’t even get a wicked fits for a dollar anymore. This one’s the hottest coffee I’ve ever felt. Oh, better. Kremer. Oh, that’s the Bristol neighbor.

Yeah, that was the, that’s the first that I’ve tasted a bit of coffee. And so what? Oh, I’m not gonna be a taste coffees for us the day. You’re gonna taste buds left. That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever drink. They taste exactly the same besides the heat. You’re paying $2,50 for, you know, service.

Exactly same. It’s smooth, but it’s also . Mackener is the flat water is the best of the day. That’s my style. That’s bad milk. I don’t think it’s better.

Should we get a cup of hot milk and water to save? You need to go to coffee shop small. I’m the target market through Blue Ozzy. I’m gonna get in a cup and yeah about this.

So where Aussies and how goods just leaning over some gas bottles on the side of the road drink we should not be. Imagine if it was good. Perfect place to have a cigarette here to go with the flat whites.

Palatable, but you may as well just have the doll for $1. Tap. While beam was not palatable, this United by face. Yeah, 7,11 wild beam. Sorry for far set on the fourth. Coffee days are coming out. tall. Big one might flatty eight sugars and two sausage rolls.

30 cents. The sauce here, bunch of scabby dog cats. 30 cents for sauce and I’ll get eight cans of mother. That’ll get me through the lunch. Diesel, $2,10. The point of work and you give it all back. Five budget counts for price.

We’re in the middle with a dollar 50 cuz I line up so that’ll be great. Was there a PICO button? Alright, look in this. Yeah, we’re looking for the bigger way about those with it. Sorry, can’t be rude. Should I find that coffee as well? Yeah, do it. Yeah, we’ve just had a very rude lady behind us.

We couldn’t find the button and we got the light of coffee. Not her saying nothing. The one second I wasn’t rolling. There’s a lady behind us and we would just make an echo and she has, it’s not rocket science. And she’s like trying to hurry us up. We bought her coffee.

Have a nice morning. That’s welcome. That’s alright. Have a good day at work. Everyone’s like that before they have their copies. But you kill with kindness. You haven’t edgy coffee down. That’s alright.

She’s played it. Don’t put me on it Instagram. She said, we won’t put you on Instagram, but you know who we’re talking about. For dollar fifty, it’s alright. The pick always be at the handmake. She is her chills. I think it is the best one. Oh, easily the best one.

It tastes very similar, the 711, but without the tag. That’s the best for coffee taste. Yeah, but mine for a flat white just off the car, should have pressed strong. I’m still gonna say today that all of them didn’t make me scrunch my face up for the flat white, except the wild bean coffee was absolute milk. Compared to the fast food, all of these were pretty similar to your Guzman one.

Really, they were all a little bit better than that. All of it better strength varied in the piccolos. All of the coffees were just milk, except the pie face one was a had a little bit of taste to it. That’s probably the biggest thing here. Yeah, is that all of them were like $1 to $2 except the Wild Bean.

That’s why it’s last. Yeah, the rest I would recommend. I recommend going to lords. Yeah, you want a good coffee? We’re actually going to get a real coffee. There’s only so much coffee. I’m having a day. I’m at my limit. Yeah.