Cozy iOS Games Galore: From Running a Pizza Shop with Cats to Hypnotic Puzzles and Surreal Adventures

So you’ve been looking for some cozy iOS games that you can play on your iPhone and your iPad. I got you my ultimate favor. Good pizza. Great pizza. It’s a game where you run your own pizza shop, compete against rivals and upgrade your kitchens. The master evenness to do snack over. So it’s a game where it’s restaurant and where cats like manage your little restaurant and they like cook a little food and drinks and serve. Cute kitty. Yes, the bear. So it’s super cute at times 3 that has hand drawn animations. Super cute. Cozy home. I’m sick and it’s hard for me to tell. Friendship and finding your own play funny.

My Family 1 and 2. So it’s an award winning before word winning puzzle game is so freaking mess rising like the are like you move on the architecture. You’re so crazy and I can move things you can hear so beautiful. There is this one puzzle where it was like literally hypnotizing me and it’s so fun, my dear. This one I just downloaded, just started playing. So you build a cute little like Whitney Fire and you can customize your girl and you sell them your ultimate dream 6 is hidden folks. This is more of like I spy. So it’s like a hand drawn interactive key research for working. Cool care is one of my favorites too. And my favorite. So you just run into your house to your farm and how to keep all around your cute little town, kind of like fix up the town and stuff to get more tourist back and, you know, human like each season and continue that different tasks. So you’re never really forward. So I think it’s really cool.

8, The Silent Age is another one of my super favorites. It’s like I finish it and I redownload. Sequel time cuz about her, Janet, her name, show with a chime. Trout rules between the 1970s and like the future present. I mean, and but the present is like silent and like apocalyptic and Joe travels back and forth to save. Cozy game to share and like also foundations to build a little cozy action dimension 2 other seeing but how haven’t started. Which is you say it, you explore a surreal world. Your secrets, meaningless assistance. And the stark. Sure other one is re where you help a be shut stop souls decipher for your secret mysterious. Those two are kind her side. They were still me know what she thinks.