Soulmate Connections: Messages from the Cards about Love and Rekindling Past Relationships

If this reading is popped up in your feed, it’s found you for a reason. Today. Let’s jump in and see what your spirit guides want you to know. What message is on the cards for you today. Let’s jump in and see what we have for you today.

We have here the Emperor. We have the page of cut. Got Aries Energy to open this reading. We have the Empress. So we got the Empress and the Emperor in the same reading. We have here the four of swords. We have here the ace of wands, the hangman. We have hit the 9 of cups, the sacks of carves, five of ones, seven of swords, and then we have the 8 of 1. Sorry, I keep clicking my screen. It’s cuz the camera looks like it’s gonna turn off. Okay, so we have here Aries Energy, Taurus Energy, Pisces Energy in this reading, the signs may be significant. If they are not, please don’t worry about it too much.

It’s interesting because I feel with these first three cards that you are sort of settling for somebody who isn’t really on the same frequency as you. There’s an energy here where you are involving yourself with somebody, showing interest in somebody, they’re showing interest in you, but you’re not really in love with them. You’re in love with somebody else. Cuz you see, we’ve got the Empress and the Emperor here, perfect match here.

But this page of cuts is between them. This is you with this page of cuts. Someone who’s, you’re not really as attracted to someone who’s maybe a bit younger than you. A bit, I bet, less experienced or less mature than you. But there’s an energy here where you’re like, no, I am happy with this person. I am interested in them, but you’re, it’s like an energy of denial a little bit where you’re like settling yourself for someone who you know you could do better than. Not that anyone in this world is better than anyone, but you see what I’m trying to say? Like there is someone out there for you. I feel like for a lot of you guys, from what I’m seeing on the cards, this is somebody from your past and maybe right now you’re in a bit of a. Yeah, a situation where you kind of wanted a bit of a rebound and you kind of feel that this person that you’ve, that you’re in this rebound with, you’re not really in love with them. You’re in love with, still in love with this other person.

I’m still in love with Judy’s baby, but you’re, you know, this page of cups, this other person is like getting in the way of two people who are actually meant to be together. From what I’m seeing, I feel like you’re in this person from your past who you’re still in love with.

You’re in no contact right now from what I’m seeing here in this reading. But although there’s no communication, although communications stopped, this Asa once indicates that there’s still a spark. You’re still picking up on their energy. You’re still thinking about them. They’re still thinking about you. From what I’m seeing here in this reading, I don’t think it’s over. Yeah, and I do feel a lot of you guys are sort of like kidding yourself a little bit. Like, no, I do wanna be of this person. I understand love of them when it actually you’re in love. Excuse me, guys, I just had to sneeze. When it actually you’re still in love with this person from your past is what I’m seeing her in this reading. And they’re still in love with you as well from what I’m seeing her in this reader.

You got the 9 of cuts and the 6 of cuts. Again, I feel like when you think about this person from your past, it makes you very happy. It makes you very excited. I feel like this person is who you’re meant to be with. I think this past person is where your happiness lies. But you’re spending your time settling for someone who kind of isn’t matching you. Energetic, like someone who your you don’t like as much as you think you do.

You know, sorry, the screen keeps like shutting off. This is what I’m seeing. Hey, you might be keeping this hidden from your person. From what I’m seeing her on the cards.

I feel like someone in this connection, I feel like you might not be being fully honest with your person. We have to cut camera. Reminiscing, making memories, learn from the past and perception. Feel like this is talking about this past person, feel like this past person is thinking about you. You’re thinking about them looking through old pictures from what I’m seeing here.

We have the kind of coffin. It says new beginnings, liberation, reborn and transition and tragic ending. So, yeah, I definitely feel like you have had an ending with this past person.

There is a new beginning on the card. So for some of you guys, sorry guys, I just had to sneeze again. This is what I’m seeing here. There’s like a new beginning on your cars.

Yes. Soulmates. I definitely feel like you’re meant to be. We got the Emperor and the Empress. You guys are meant to be together. You’re meant to be together. And that’s why you’re still thinking about that. That’s why you still feel this very strong magnetic bond and this strong passion. It’s because they are thinking about you as well.

Yeah, I definitely feel for some of you guys, you do have clarity and a message coming in from this person. How is this person from your past feeling about you? They are gonna reach out to you. Yeah, I have too much to lose. So it might be the case someone in this connection is worried of leaving the other person because they’re worried that they’ve got a lot to lose, all that they’re losing out on a relationship or like too much? Is that like there’s been too much invested, too much time, money, energy invested? This person from your past still feeling the sexual tension with you? We have. I feel the sexual tension. I feel so happy with you hearing this reading as well. And I’m hearing that this person wonders if you still think about them. We have the initial R, X. We have a why I? A J. M. A sad. And then you get a J, an owl, W and AK.