A Day in the Life: Dark Mornings, Social Media Drama, and Sleep Training Journeys

Good morning, guys. Happy Wednesday. It is so dark outside. I like it’s just before 6:30. I don’t feel like it’s always be stuck anyway. But so all the blinds are closed cuz they’re not letting any light in any way. But yeah, it just seems so dark and so cold. I’m literally gonna take gloves with me today. Because firstly, I’m gonna be holding this and wanting to drink this, but also, my gosh, it’s just freezing on the train in the area. Brain is getting in there and contacting the kids to school. Not joking. They’re here. Yeah, actually it works because there’s the goal from the bottom anyway, but definitely taking those with me today, guys.

I thought I was doing well with my account. I had no issues yesterday. So I was like, maybe it was a glitch. Maybe it was just a glitch and it’s resolved because I posted quite a lot yesterday and I had no issues. All my videos posted and stayed posted, whatever was good, right? And then last night at 10:00, I get a notification to say that my KFC video is being reported by a viewer, which is what makes me think it’s someone, not a glitch for all the others, because literally reported by a viewer, same as the curb side one for brand, for undisclosed branded content. Let me just tell you, if KFC was paying me to eat their food or if KFC was giving me their food for free, you would not, you would know. I am not unaware of the fact that if you are on this app and you are being paid to be on this app, it is literally because of all of you guys. And I would be so grateful to you. And I would tell you about those opportunities because if you’re not watching it, no one’s paying us or no one’s gifting us, right? For those creators that get to that point where all of their posts are in that way anyway, just be reassured you would know. And it was not gifted. I paid just happy and I paid for that meal.

Anyway, it’s been resolved. It got resolved at some point last night. So yeah, we go today. I’m up, obviously dressed for work. The boys are both still in bed from that. Get them up. I’m not sure if you heard that truck, but they’re doing all stuff in our backyard and they’ve just arrived, so they’ll probably wake up soon. Anyway, guys, I don’t know if I’ve done the wrong thing.

We sleep trained both our boys to sleep. We white noise or brown noise, some sort of like noise. For Rocco, he used it until he was about three and a/2. He always liked it. He wanted it. He asked for it. It became part of his leg bedtime routine. It’d be like pajamas and they’d be like, okay, let’s turn the noise on. So I just left it alone. And then when we went to Fiji, for those of you who have been here since we went to Fiji, that’s when I ended it. Cuz I was like, sorry, sweetie, there’s no noise in VJ. So we stopped the noise in VJ. He slept finally at it, had no problem.

Anyway, with Roman, same thing. We introduced noise to him from the day we came home, basically. And he’s always slept with white noise, brown noise, whatever place through his monitor. I’ve had portable ones for time somewhere away. Last night we’re putting him to bed and he said he just wanted a bit of an extra cuddle before bed from Giuseppe actually. So Giuseppe sat in like the armchair in his room and he’s cuddling him. And I went to walk out and then Roman goes, I have no noise. Romans are like, I have no noise tonight coming. Both the boys are actually up now. Rockies there behind Roman there behind me. Rockies on the lounge. I’ve just given Roman Sounds cereal. Anyway, so yeah, he was like, there weren’t any noise. So we literally turned the noise off and walked out, like put him in his cot, walked out and put him to bed and he fell asleep and he was fine, which is great. He’s done on his own terms. He’s almost 3.

But now I’m also nervous because I’ve spoken about Roman on many an occasion. He’s a, he’s been a tricky baby for me. He’s been a tricky toddler. He’s a very interesting temperament. But one thing that Raymond does well, I does well, like has been better than Rocco with and just Slack isn’t as affected by things anyway. He sleeps pretty well, all things considered. Yes, he has some early morning, but he generally does sleep well. Channel are the potato. That’s funny. He’s got a toy dog on the cat on the table. Anyway, so now I’m like scared that it’s gonna affect his sleep. But anyway, he slept last night, so maybe not. But also it’s a little sign up. Obviously he’s getting that little bit older.

Hey, Roman, how come last night you wanted me to turn off your noise? He just said, anyway, we’ll say how tonight goes. I’ll say if he says the same thing or not, but I’m gonna get moving, make sure the kids are dressed, etc. It’s now almost, it’s 7:50, so it’s taking me 20 minutes to basically take this video. Have the day, guys. Bye school, honey. Because.