The Transformative Decade: A Glimpse into the Future of Technology and Innovation from 2027 to 2032

By 2027, I think we’re gonna see the first commercially viable net energy production from nuclear fusion achieved. And this gonna be a game changer for all industries. Also that year, we’re gonna see the launch of the Nancy Roman telescope, which is gonna gain us more insight and dark energy, perhaps tell us more about the Big Bang. And by this year, we’re gonna see at least 50 million jobs be erased because of AI.

2027 is gonna be the breaking point. We’re gonna see lots of people publicly noticing AIS effects on the economy. Political figures are gonna get involved more increasingly. The election that you’re gonna be very AI focused and a lot of people are gonna be protesting against AI. There’s gonna be lots of backlash.

It’s gonna be a very interesting year. I think bitcoin’s price is gonna be at 250 k. I think we’re gonna see the adoption more cryptocurrency with companies and workplaces. They’re gonna be adopting crypto more and more in 2027.

I think we’re also gonna see the first commercially viable solar profsky material, which is like the thin solar material. So people are going to start making solar films, put them on windows and roofs and things commercially, it’s going to be commercially available at first. And by this time, I think globally, electric vehicles will not reach about 15% of all cars on the road. And most of those electric cars are gonna be self driving.

NASA and SpaceX are gonna land on the moon with a human crew, part of the Artemis 3 mission. And it’s gonna be a huge historical event by the end of 2027, neural link is gonna be able to restore vision in the first human ever. Now it’s not gonna be perfect vision, it’s gonna be a partial restoration, but it’s still gonna be the ability to see things again. We’re also gonna see the complete disruption of the media and film industries because of generative AI. I mean, look at Sora, able to produce videos, music, right? This is gonna change the entire industry. There’s gonna be lots of backlash at first from artists, big artists. But eventually they’re gonna be like, okay, we have no way to compete with us because the generative AI is gonna be able to produce and generate better music and better films than any human tent by this time.

We’re also gonna see the rise of autonomous stores, places like fast food chains, companies like Amazon, Target. We’re gonna implement more and more fully autonomous stores and shops around America and Europe.

Now, by 2028, I think this is the year humanity finally achieves AGI, artificial General Intelligence. What this means is that, you know, AI is gonna have the capacity in performance levels and generative abilities as any human on the planet, if not even better in some regards. We’re also gonna see the introduction of cultivated meats and cultured meats for widespread use in many restaurants in Europe, in the US. And I think that we’re gonna see a sharp and steep decline in universities and colleges around in America. We’re gonna see a lot of more colleges shutting down their doors, closing permanently, and they’re gonna be replaced with AI tutors. So we’re gonna see more and more online classes, online education, and they’re gonna be implementing AI for their entire courses, entire education.

I think that year we’re also gonna see the first successful mining of an asteroid by a company called astroforge. I think they’re gonna be able to extract gold from an asteroid.

And by late this year, we’re gonna see more and more personalized vaccines, personalize medicine. So we’re gonna see vaccines that are attacking specific cancers and specific people. We’re gonna see vaccines for heart disease and more and more of these things. And by 2028, I think we’re gonna see the death of the phone. No more phones are gonna be produced by companies. They’re gonna be selling AR glasses. They’re gonna be widely adopted by many people because you’re gonna be able to do everything your phone can do, but in a better way, a more interactive and immersive way. 2029, the Ariel telescope that was just launched this year, is going to discover, I think, life on an exoplanet. Now it’s not, we’re not gonna be absolutely certain about it, but it’s gonna be very likely that life exists on this planet by early 2029. I think Google is going to release their 1 million cubit quantum computer, which is gonna change the game around this time.

As protests peak around the globe for people who are out of work, I think that governments and officials are gonna be discussing more and more frequently about universal basic income, universal basic services. And I think most companies are going to be adopting four day work weeks, perhaps even 3D work weeks. And we’re gonna see finally the sure decline of global carbon emissions. Their way passes peak and now they’re declining pretty rapidly. 3D printed housing is gonna start becoming competitive with traditional housing. So we’re gonna see more and more people of purchasing 3D printed homes.

And by mid 2029, I think there will be at least 10 million humanoid robots deployed, which we’re going to be capable of performing at least 75% of human tasks. NASA and other space agencies around the world are going to begin working on the Lunar Gateway, which is going to be a permanent settlement for people to live on the moon and orbit around the moon. And we’re gonna see more and more people living on the moon permanently. And I think we’re gonna see the first unmanned missions to Mars. I think we’re gonna see SpaceX and NASA working on sending robots to Mars to prep for a human colony. So that was that. My next video is gonna be 2030 to 2032. So stay tuned for the next one.