Title: Exploring AI and Gaming Innovations: Nvidia Demos, Multi-Language Experience, and Project GSS

So this is our AI and gaming room. So what we’re gonna be showing our two Nvidia East demos. If you’re familiar with ace, it’s our AI, you know, digital human platform. In terms of sweet technologies. We build everything from text to speech to text models and animation model, TSP, working with our partner in world to create some AI and PCs. So we’ll show you that there. And then we also have another demo from our partner, Perfect World. It’s actually a multi link wool experience. So you can switch back and forth between Mandarin and English and go back and forth, which is pretty cool. And we can show how that audio face, which is our face animation system, works with that, which is awesome. And then last but not least, we’ll talk about Project GSS.

Project Jesus is our new kind of in the works project for showing how we can use AI with game assistance. So out of a game, assisting gamers on game information and also on their performance of their system. So we’ll talk about that in second. So go back and we’ll start on the a side and talking a little bit about covert program. So Covid protocol is again, this demo we put together, the general, it’s a tech, it looks like a game, feels like a game, but at the end of the day, it’s just really trying to showcase what you can do with AI and PCs. And so it’s designed to have a kind of a linear flow through a story.

And we’re playing as this detective at Hotel Water, which is set in the near future of like 2062. We’re investigating this guy called Martin Datas, trying to find some incriminating evidence on them. And our first step objective is to be able to find is enough and so we can go talk to a number of the people in the hotel to try to figure out this information. Okay, so let’s go ahead and we can start, we’ll go up and talk to James. Go to love. Sir, who wants to get a shot? Okay. Okay. So you can press and hold down teeth, put Kafka as much as you want and then release.

Have a same object 3M.

It’s you got asking about Martin Davis and Austin Davis.

Hi there, James. How are you today?

Oh, just live in different. Seriously, it’s been a crazy day here at the hotel. We’re a bit short staffed due to the flu, so I’ve been Pearl in double duty.

That sounds terrible. I hope everyone is okay. I was wondering if you could help me. I need to locate someone.

That’s here in China. Again, I’m going to first show you for sure. I’ll be your personal detective. Who are you looking for? Mrs.

David Mark Davis.

He’s my friend, Marson Davis. Alright, thanks. Thank you.

I saw him, checked him earlier today, recognizing from all the conference materials, all that.

You might have to really.

See. You’ve seen everything. You’re done, Jenkins. So now you guys are the ones here.

That makes sense. Do you happen to know what room he’s staying in? I really need to.

Talk to him. Innovation could tell you. So where everything is falling behind, the step shortage. And unfortunately, the keynote speaker in the lobby doesn’t know yet. He’s going to be so right. Can I get you a complimentary coffee while you wait? Understand we needed to.

Deal. That would be great, James, thank you.

No problem. So, and don’t worry, we’ll have you reunited with your friend before you can say caffeine overdose.

Okay, good. So you can hit escape. Okay. And then go ahead. Let’s walk and talk to front desk. You hit a shift to walk fashion. Okay. Find this cool. Yeah, sources. Hello, sir. Is there anything I could assist you with?

Hi, I really need to speak with my friend Martin. Do you know which movies are what?

I am sorry, sir, but I’m not at liberty to give out room information. Is there something else I can help you with? You run this.