Lost in Drumset Confusion: A Journey to Find the Missing Foot Pedals

Next. Got the app. Come on, Bluetooth Connect already.


And when we’ll do rhythm practice. There’s different practices. Yeah, if you could see that, let’s try this one. Alright, it’s loading. Here we go. Hang on.

It. I don’t know how they can understand it. Thank you.

It’s like a drumset. So picture a drumset in front of you. You gotta picture it there. That’s the symbol. All right. That’s, sorry, I’m bleaching my hair. But yeah, I don’t know how to play drums at all. Very freaking cool, but I don’t believe I came, it came with the foot pedals, though. I mean, I don’t know.

Certificate. Yeah, I got that. I guess this is the, I don’t have the bag either. Alright, got my con, my, I got my things. Alright, my, yeah, but I don’t have, I don’t see where the bag is. That’s what it says. I don’t know. Meh. All right. It does like the drum position and everything. This is involved. Like I gotta concentrate and figure out. I don’t think I got the drum pedals. I didn’t get the pedals though. Are they separate? I’m not sure. Cuz it says packing list product. Alright, Bluetooth speaker. Okay. Okay. Packing list, color, bot seat, foot pedals, left and right. Where are the foot, freaking foot pedals. Then handbag, shoulder bag. What the heck?

All right. This is what the position of the drum set looks like in the air. Okay, so this is what it looks like. Hang on, I gotta find the foot pedals and figure that out. All right. So we got the speaker.

I didn’t think I, I don’t. I didn’t get the freaking footpills, though. I don’t. Oh, man, this is so crazy and involved. I wish I got like, what the heck? See, and then you can do all this stuff, man. Look at like you can do mixing console, earphones, Lark, large speaker, audio cable. Oh my gosh. See, you can connect all kinds of on here. That is crazy. Yeah, I got that. Okay. I wanna be singer, mean a drummer. Okay. All right. This is a lot. Where are my foot pedals, though? Interesting. No, that’s the pocky base over there. God.