Nerve of Steel: The Epic Clapback Saga of Texas House Representative Jasmine F. Crockett

And Lord have mercy, she nerved herself. She nerved herself. Ladies and gentlemen, if you think I’m coming here to talk to you about some anime or some TV show about a character, a main character, even a side character, nerfing themselves for a fight? Oh, hell no, you don’t even that. Let me introduce you to this person here.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you Texas House Representative Jasmine F. Crockett. That f is gonna come into play a little later, I promise you that. And now, ladies and gentlemen, you saw the infamous exchange between a representative Crime Pocket and Representative Green. It is stored at something like this. I think your fake eyelashes are messing up. Absolutely unacceptable. How dare you. Physical.

Appearance of another person. Are your feelings. Her words down.

Oh, oh, right. Ladies and gentlemen, on May 17th, they had a committee hearing about the attorney general Merrick Garland, like trying to hold him in contempt. Maybe basically the GOP don’t like him because, you know, they feel like they hide and ship on I’m Biden. But that’s besides the point. That’s beside the point. You see Representative Crockett there. Esther, do what questioning do you have has to do with this hearing? A Marjorie Taylor Green responded in. You probably can’t read anything because of your eyelashes. Needless to say, the next 10 minutes was them arguing back and forth, just like in that video. But needless to say, Representative Crockett was biting her time. See why all that stuff happened when everything went down, when they finally struck it from the record. But Representative Green said, I’m not apologizing. Well, Representative Crockett came with this.

Crockett, I’m just curious, just to better understand your ruling, if someone on this committee then starts talking about somebody’s bleach blind, bad built Bush body, that would not be engaging in personalities. Correct. What.

Now, folks? The whole internet has been an uphore over that , so much so that she is now campaigning off that phrase. She may t shirts. Seriously, she made t shirts is under Twitter Bay, the clapback was so strong people started using AI to make song renditions of that like this one. And to whoever made this, you need to repay. She’s a bleach fire and she may not talk about nobody. Marjory Taylor Green like a shake machine. so bad people are taking the songs and pasting it on random TikToks and they go so well, it’s fine. Thank you. Goodbye.

Said again. Oh, she might think that’s the end of it. You think that is the ultimate clickback. But ladies and gentlemen, know it is not. When I said she nerfed herself, she nursed herself. Why? Because this what she really wanted to say.

My first thoughts were not as eloquent. I will be honest. They were not. And you know, when somebody comes at you wrong, you always have something that you’re ready to say. So honestly, my first thought was if you had some lashes, you may still have your husband. That was like my first. But like I, I, but I restrain myself.

She nursed herself. Look, I say you don’t understand because when she came in with the bleach blonde, bad belt, butch body, a whole train of events happened. I explained it to you. It took Representative Green three days to come back with something and she came back with some motivational . Yes, my body is built and strong, not with nips, tux, plastic or silicon, but through a healthy lifestyle, soon turning 50 years old. God willing, I will continue to lift, run, swim, play sports, surf, ski, climb and live this life to the fullest and enjoy every moment. The this was her clap back. Even did a whole video with the typical Karen Hurt music.

Three days if her calling her B6. And you know what? I don’t know if representative market meant this, but I looked at what the B6 was. She did a unbeknoped, sneaky, sly into that . She really did. What does the vitamin B6 do? Vitamin B6 helps the body make several neural transmitters, chemicals that carry signals from one nerve cell to another. It is needed for normal brain development and function.

That whole phrase, bleach, bind, bear, build, birch body B6, not only did she insult her body, she says she’s dumb as . But no, seriously, think about it. When I say you do not understand, if it took Representative Crockett to insult her body to get her to go do a workout inspirational video, what the think would have happened if she sat there and said you would still add a man if you had some laughing this. Oh, I tell you what would happen. That girl would have scooped up that man at she’s currently with that she left her husband 4 and said we’re getting married. She insulted me saying I am not married. I am getting married today. Girl with a sat there and got on a phone and called good old Donald J. Trump. Up, time out. Can I use Mar Lago at a discounted price? I need to get married in a good spot because ain’t no way in the world I’m like this girl clap at me like this. I’m might show her I got a man, I’m married. That girl will try to find some kind of inspirational music to put into that wedding and put it on Twitter and broadcast it to the world. Doing Good Guy back then while she’ll get all kinds of cease and desist letters from people to a sat there trying to turn into a mega rally, a fundraising event, not knowing that all the money being raised is going to Donald J. Trump to pay for his legal expenses in worst things worse, I guarantee you she would have been like, hey, Donald, DJT, could you walk me down the aisle if I’m your daughter? But when I said that Representative Crockett nerfed herself, , she nerved herself. She nerved herself. Cuz that B6 clapback was a certified Thanksgiving Christmas clapback. Behold, you would have still had a husband if you still had lashes. That is a certified hood classic. I got, . machine. Earth itself. And if you’re wondering what the F and Jasmine F. Crockest stands for, is Felicia, that real response you wanted to give? That was Felicia talking B6. That was Jasmine.