Putting Yourself First in Sin and Last in Love: Understanding Relationships and Gender Differences

When it comes to sin, put yourself No. 1. When it comes to sin, put yourself as No. 1. I am the only sinner. Everyone is a saint.

And when it comes to love, put yourself the last one. Because if you put yourself No. 1 in love, you’ll expect everyone to do things for you. But if you put yourself last, you will do everything for everyone except you.

So my daughter, if you’re married, don’t wait for your husband to come and say sorry. You go and say sorry. Embarrassment would love Devin now until he comes and apologizes, he will never hear me. He will never see me. I will never talk to him. I’ll cook nothing for me. Go and buy frozen food and you pick yourself and sleep in that on the other side of the house and stand on. Ever come near me again? No. He made a mistake. It’s okay. He’s a man. That’s all he knows.

Men are simple. They’re not sophisticated like you are. They’re not as smart as you are. So men are very simple. Monotone, you are. Stereo, you got too many wires coming through your head. He’s got only one wire. Sometimes it blocks.

Speaking of men, what is the difference between the man’s brain and the woman’s brain? This is all within our topic. The man’s brain is made out of a lot of boxes. So as the woman’s brain made out of a lot of boxes with a difference. The boxes in the man’s brain are not connected to one another. The boxes, on the other hand, in the woman’s brain, they are all interlocking, interwoven, interconnecting. So one box is, and there’s another difference. There is one box in the man’s brain that is non existent in the woman’s brain. This box in the man’s brain is called empty.

Nothing. Have you seen your husband? All of a sudden switched off and gone, became very quiet. Now he is using the empty box. And you being a perfectionist, in perfect timing, you will come and neck when he is using the empty box. Shame on you. What are you doing playing PlayStation and I’m cooking and I’m cleaning and I’m washing. And he looks and he doesn’t say a word. It makes you even more angry because that’s his empty box. There is nothing in it. That’s why he’ll give you nothing. He’ll just look and turn around. So if he gets on your nerves, the best thing it’s for you, my darling, to go and say, honey, you’ve been spending too much time in that empty box of yours. Can I just let tell you one thing? I miss you, darling. I love you and I need you. Can you please come out of your empty box? He will jump out of that empty box and he will be the Mister Super Dupa for you. And he’ll come flying faster than, what’s that guy that flies?

Superman. It’s always beautiful when you say sorry, when you say hello. It’s always beautiful when you humble yourself. Don’t wait for the other. You do it. You start it. It doesn’t matter whose fault it is. Mine, yours, it doesn’t matter.