The CEOs’ Chance Encounter: A First Class Escapade

So what do you do for a living? It must be something pretty fancy to afford those seats.

I’m the CEO of Chewstone Pet Emporium. You know, pet food, pet toys and stuff.

The one with all the commercials where it’s okay to bring your pets. That one, yeah.

Yeah, that’s the one. But don’t hold our jingle against me. I didn’t write it.

Hey, it’s very catchy.

Thank you. I was in New York meeting with one of our biggest vendors, and it was such a last minute thing, but it went very well. Normally I’d fly economy, but because it was last minute, first class was all they had. What about you?

I own a company called Whitecap. We write financial and accounting software. Boring.

Stuff. Wait, is it White Cap? The multi billion dollar company that just went public? The journal had an article on it last week.

Yeah, I, it’s a little overwhelming. I started the company in my apartment a few years ago with just two employees. I just can’t believe how fast we’ve grown.

So you’re telling me you’re the Kirk Lewis?

All right. Okay. To be honest, this is my first time flying first class. The board members wouldn’t let me fly economy. I don’t know. I’ve never really been materialistic. I always prefer the simpler things in life.

I know what you mean.


Same. Look at me.

I’d like to have my seat back.

What? We’re almost at the gate.

Yeah, I know. Okay. I just want my seat back. Anyway.

I think.

No, don’t tell me you took that seriously. Come on. I was just joking, silly goose. Now I am serious. I can never think that you were disgusting at all. No, I just, I think you’re rather handsome.

Gee, I wonder what changed your mind.

I was just playing hard to get, you know, us girls, we do that when we see a man that we like, just like an apple. Is it working?

No, it definitely did not work.

Stop it.

We’re almost off the plane. Why don’t we just.

Stay in our seats? He’s mine. I mean, I want my feedback. Miss, May I have a word with you in private? No, but I do want you to talk to this woman about giving me my seat back. I pay for it. Please. This really can’t wait. I want my seat back first. Okay, he tried to do this the nice way. Barely gonna have to come with us. What? Oh yeah, me not wait, I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what this is about. It’s about the $12,000 you made of fraudulent charges on your crew card. Charges. I’ll turn around. Oh, no. Now that was me. You’re scamming.

The credit card company for free first class seats for 2 months. Please put your hands behind your back.

Never do that. Trust. I don’t know who that was. Okay. Oh, no, wait. Okay. All right. Don’t pay attention to this. Okay. Listen, I feel like we had a real connection here, you know, so give me a call when I come out. You’ll be waiting, right? Call me. 8,1,8,5,5,1,9,7,9. Yeah, I.

Think I’ll pass. Thanks.

Well, we had a show. So how about some dinner tonight? You and me.

Sounds fun. Awesome.