Adventures in the Big Apple: A Solo Trip to New York

5,3,2,1. Some of you may have already known and other of you are affected by that now. But over the weekend, Mister Kim did something kind of fun. So over the weekend, Michigan went to New York. Yes, that’s why I’m wearing my New York. But you know, you know, rep in New York or what of the Big Apple. So this is my first time ever in New York. I’ve never been before. I’m gonna tell you about the event that I went to, what it was. I’m gonna show you some of the pictures that I said and stuff. So this is my trip to New York.

Okay, took a flight to New York. Yeah, I flew out. How many of you have been on a plane before? Yeah, I love, okay, I love flying. I love, whenever I write, whenever I fly a plane, I always try to get a window, see, so that I can always go out and see stuff.

So this was like me leaving Kansas City and then this was me flying into New York. You can see kind of like the lights and stuff. Arguably one of the coolest things that I saw, this was even before I touched down in New York on the way, I saw the northern lights from the plane. How many of you have seen like a picture of this going around like Instagram or TikTok or stuff like that? Yeah, I literally we’re flying and we’re in the plan and we’re flying and then the captain was like, attention, like passengers, if you’ve never seen the Northern lights, make sure to look at your window because you can see them. And I was like, let me see what happens is the sun releases, like, chemicals, no, like magnetic waves. And as the magnetic waves hit the Earth’s atmosphere, they react when they make light. So it’s something. Yeah, yeah, sort of. It was that, yeah, once I got there, I got to my hotel and then I ate a burger. And it was actually a really good burger. It was from a place called Southern Street Grill. That’s something that I really like about New York, is that a restaurant is open late. Here in Kim’s city, everything is closed pretty early, right? But in New York, like I got to my hotel at like midnight and then I was still able to order food, right? So yum Yang, I was cool. I had a burger. I see your Friday on the sleep. And then I like went to sleep. I was so the next morning I took a quick walk around the city. Of course, you know, I had to get coffee. How was it? It was good. But yeah, this was kind of some of the pictures. This was the view from my hotel room. So I could see a little bit of the city. And then I was just kind of walking around, stuff like that. At least you can walk through. Yeah, so that’s the cool thing in Kansas City, you can’t really walk too many places, but in New York, you can walk everywhere. So I did a lot of walking this weekend.

The event that I actually went to, they were having a Celebration of donating their 10 million books. So over the past, I think, a couple years, I remember exactly how many, but they donated 10 million books. So they invited me to this event and it was in like a school cafeteria where they just lay out books everywhere across the floor. There was all types of book. There were almost, there were over 50,000 books there. I got to take home like over 50 books for free, right? I had to put them in a dough bag and I had to put them in my backpack. And then I was like super tired and walking around the city with like a big toe bag and a backpack of books. I was like, cuz I had to walk back to my hotel because it was about a half mile away. It would have taken me about 30 minutes to walk there. But if I had gotten an Uber, it would have also taken about 13 minutes to get there. So I was like, I’m not gonna pay for an Uber if I can just walk, right? So I walked. It was kind of a mistake. It was really difficult. My hands were super sore by the end of it. And they’re still, they still kind of hurt.

After that. I continue to explore New York City a little bit more. I got like a rap from like a random shop I saw. I took some pictures of like this tree and stuff. I don’t know what this tree is, but it was really pink. Like you can’t really see it in the picture, but it looked like it’s glowing. It was super painted. I did a little bit more exploring. Right. So you can see a little bit of the city right there. I don’t know this one. I saw a random ant growing out of this building and I thought it was kind of cool. So I literally, and then I looked across the street and load it staring at me and I was like, well, it’s kind of creepy.

Anyway, after that I eat more food. I got a chicken sandwich this time and my eyes were way bigger than my stomach. Do you know what I mean? Your eyes were bigger than your stomach? Yes. No, like kind of. It means that I ordered way too much. Cool. Cuz I got a chicken sandwich and fries and I got my chicken tenders. I barely finished the next morning. It was a little bit rainy, but this was on my way back to the airport. I took some pictures of the city in like the rain and stuff. I thought it was pretty cool. Yeah, excuse me. After that, I can say. So that was my trip to New York. I did go by myself. It was the first time that I’ve taken like a big trip by myself. So I was a little bit scared, but it was really fun and I’m really glad that I did it.

So questions, comments, concerns about my trip. I use this fireman pictures. Yeah, I thought it was fun. I wanted to share it with you guys. Time different. Yes. Remember we talked about time differences about one, both. I think they are two hours ahead. Yeah, so currently it’s 9:30. Here is 11:32 there. You work that time. But there a moment there. I know. Are you scared of life? Not really. I’m not really scared of my side. Right. If you have other questions, you’re gonna have to ask me later. We do have to move on. I have one more thing, and this is where we need someone to help you out real quick. All right. Here we go.

Hay en Boing? Keep these in the classroom library, especially like since next year you guys will still be with me for next year, you’ll be able to read these next year as well, right? So we got like all different types of book. Some of them are like hard cover, a little bit more like older type of book. Some of them are like really young, like little kid books. I have some like picture book type stuff too. While we are working this morning, I will let you go back and pick up a book to read it. Okay? Alright, so here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna need someone’s help me move this back over there. So we’re gonna move that back. While I’m doing that, please go ahead and get your math close out and ready to go.