Empowerment and Elegance: A Lady’s Lyrical Journey


So all the ladies in the place with style and Grace allow me to lace this Liberal dishes in your bushes who rock rules and make moves with all the mommy, the back of the club. Sipping my wet is where you find me. The back of the Club Mac and holds my clues behind me. Mad question asking, blunt passing, music blasting.

Why not? Why blow up my spot? Cuz we both got hot and I check it. I got more max then crank and in the bed. Believe me, sweetie, I got enough to feed the needy. No need to be greedy. I got mad friends with dense see notes by the layers. True players. Jump in the rover and come over. Tell your friends jump in the GS three. I got the chronic.

By the load of where you activate him to push your ass up. Got a brother won’t need so bad and buffer pass out gonna dig you and I can’t even lie about it baby. Just alleviate to close on the flop out get you wet the club your exit got me feeling body took it quick to me, but I think I’m bringing the meaning now. If you gonna roll with me, then here’s your chance to my native on the freeway.

Catch me if you can forgive me. I’m a rider still. I’m just a simple man. All I want this money plus the fame. I’m a simple man. Mr International. Play with the passport. Just like a Latin switch. Could you anything you west for either him or me? The champagne in the sea favor of my home is when we floss or not in enemies. What my folks need, make some emoji funk. You don’t need.

Straight up, honey. Really? I’m asking most of these think they be macking but they be acting. Who they attracting with that line. What’s your name, what’s your sign? Soon as he bought that one. And I just keep up from behind and actually what your interests are, who you be with, things that make you smile. What numbers to that?

Now you gonna be here for a while. I’m gonna call my crew. You gonna call your crew? We can rendezvous at the bar around two plans to leave through the keys, the little seas, pull the truck upfront and roll up the next brush so we can steam on the way to Nutella. Go fill my belly a cheap on steak, cheese, eggs and welches. Great conversation cuz in a few we gonna do what we came to do. Ain’t that right, bull? Forget the Tully, we just go to the crib and watch a movie in the Jacuzzi. Smoke else.

Cool to touch? It’s a man that you can trust, not just a fooling us. Come and get you bonus buses. So ironic. Excited. Gonna approach you for chronic commit and switch this on misses. I got me fixed. What I draw into my up and down like a roller coaster. Can I come inside you? I ain’t stop until the show was so far cuz I’m afraid hinding up to stock a problem. We apologize. Pay a freaking. Let your kid on top of me cuz.

The rock and knees nights for Lala say a living. Letting your way heard about some players live in Kelly days. The Lord is stuck at you with faith in me. Instead of trying to help a brother wanna take his cheese, mistaking me for people, you click in Mr Bob, though it won’t understand the weight again. So you lame. So I gotta hit you with the hot tracks once I’m at least I’m making ministry on top that.

It may imagine that Benz is giving ends to my friends and it feels stupid. This tremendous cream a dollar and a dream. Still toke at strap with and for red beans chopping old smoking line optimals, money holes and clothes all a nose, a foolish pleasure, whatever, for I had to find the very treasure. So grams I had to measure. However, living better now, could you sweat it now? Drop top PMS. I’m the man, girlfriend now down now. No, I can’t. So scared.

Now. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi.