Spring Music Program Prep: Getting Maddie Ready with Makeup Mishaps and Memories

Let’s get Maddie ready for her spring music program. Good in. What’s the matter? Healthy. I know you don’t want to go. Thank you. You’re a little friendly for some reason. Not now. What’s wrong? It’s called. So Maddie is having a music program. I saw my memories on Facebook today that 11 years ago today, my niece was having her spring program and Maddie was in an infancy like a little it baby, like she would have been like 3 months old. I think that took me entirely too long to figure out how old she would have been.

They’re only good with these out. No. Are you wanna back? That was too long.

What are you gonna make for dinner tonight? We’re not. We’re gonna pizza for dinner. Cuz your programs at 7. So by the time we get done, it’s gonna be thought, this is nice. I didn’t really mean eye shadow. They make all makeup. Eyeliner. Oh, we have the one eyeliner, but we’re not putting wings on before.

All right, let’s do this girl’s makeup. Turn bucket. My, we’re using my new tart eyeshadow.

Dude, that goes on good, doesn’t it? What’s wrong? Nothing. You got a pimple? What’s the matter? Don’t pop it. I wasn’t gonna pop your pimple. We like to. I do not. You like how many people force. Well, I’m not gonna pop a pimple anyhow.

What’s up? You’re right. Okay. I like those. I like those, too. All right, let’s put some mascara. You ready for this? You ready? Let’s do it. Are you okay? Weird. Thank you. Oh, we should use eyelash curler.

Your eyelashes are so long. They’re not very long. Yes, they are. Listen, these with mascara on, Leon. You just got it on your eyelid. I have. I had mascara. Okay. I live just a bit, Mister. Literally. Dad, did it end up getting to the one? I don’t know. Abby went, his daughter and she brought her boyfriend with her. He snorers. Hey, boyfriend, honey. Yeah, Christmas is.

Artley told me yesterday, Miss Stephanie, right? My eye was a curd, but me open mine. Your eyelash are stuck together. Oh, hold on. You get from under here. Look at me. My gosh. Do you think you could look at me like you’re weird? I know. I’m this person with you. And there is the beauty queen already for her program. Oh, oh, oh, eyeballs, water. And now you got some. You blink so much, you pretty. I can. Disgusting. You’re disgusting. Quick, girl, sir. I got my bit in your eye. Hello? Can I see that off? Oh, quit. It’s already dried. That’s nasty. And here’s the finished product of the beautiful Queen. Who’s gonna go product, who’s gonna go sing me a beautiful song? You better sing. No, I better hear your voice out there. Just belting it out. Nope. Alright. Have a good night, guys. Bye.