Title suggestion: Unveiling Truths: A Scholar’s Journey Through Cults, Military, and Personal Struggles

Okay, so I’m about to announce the release of my second memoir, and I need some tech advice. I’m Danielle, scholar of cult, extreme groups and extremely bad leadership. And I have written and published one memoir called uncultured, which is about growing up in the children of gods, my childhood and the children of god, my womanhood in the US Army and the cult parallels I’ve found. Basically, I’m picking and choosing some cult stories, some military stories to tell you through the lens, looking through the lens of Group Behavior. I also have a master’s degree in organizational psychology from Harvard, which I was pursuing while I was writing book. So the group behavior lens is very tight in here.

Okay, this next part will contain spoiler alerts. If you’re planning to read uncultured, you will like not wanna watch the rest of this video. Maybe it’s not a huge viral or alert, but it is a spoiler.

Okay, so right before I sell unculture, the book has already been planned, mostly written. And I have written something very crucial out of the story of my life, which is the fact that I got married in college. I was married for two years, two months, two days. Ties into why I joined the army. And then I was unmarried and that was over a decade ago now, so probably almost 15 years ago, whatever.

So right before I sell uncultured, I get contacted by the army, by an attorney who asks me to testify against my ex husband, William Jeffrey Poole for white supremacy so that they can kick him out of the army in which he’s a major. He’s in the reserves, but he’s active reserves. So he’s like working every day as an army major, which by the way, is a position that makes above $100,000, like well above, you know, and when they ask me this, I was like, no way, come on. I’m 33 years old. There’s no way that like I’ve lived this big of a life and I married a white supremacist. And then I was like, immediately I was like, oh, no, I married a white supremacist because I grew up in adults.

And, you know, it’s very interesting then at this point in my life, looking back and being like I, the lawyer joked that if he hadn’t been reading me and as the ex wife, he could be reading me and as expert on extremism and radicalization. And I can look back and I can see all of it, exactly what happened. Suddenly the story I’ve written out of my life, why I married him, it makes a lot more sense. Even though, you know, I clearly didn’t know that he was that. And plus he gave us a 75 page screed on the internet of basically describing his own radical civilization. And so one of my first thoughts is like, I’m gonna need to write him back into the story of my life. Now he is an uncultured and yes, I dropped the and I married William Jeffrey Pool 3 name because I want you to kind of stop there in Google who he is. So I’d write him back into that story. And then I was like, I’m going to have to relook at my experience in a call and my experience in the military and my experience in America. But this time I’m looking at it through the lens of, like, power, privilege, whiteness, otherness and what it means to be an American slash on American. I think even though the base description of this books sound the same, which is part of the funny reason I can’t publish it as a book. But they, I think they’re very different to the point that I couldn’t really like take a section of uncultured and put it into on American to get you through like a time lapse because it’s just such a different lens that we’re looking at. So I’m going to be releasing that soon. I’m going to be announcing that soon. And then people are gonna have like a month to take in the content. And one of the things I’m doing is I want to do a video of me just reading it, right? So basically it will be a four to 5 hour probably video of me sitting here with quiet knitted needles and reading the text to you and then people. And then I won’t wanna put it behind some kind of paywall so people can pay me kind of like a book price for this second memoir. And then I’m gonna do special book clubs and a couple other things. Stay tuned.

So I was originally just gonna do the series on TikTok and I probably will eventually upload these videos as a series on TikTok whenever it comes back. But I have recently Learned like, no, I should own all of my own content, like on my own, so that I’m not dependent on these platforms. So basically I’m looking for some sort of video software that will allow me to make like a series, you know, probably each chapter is its own video that then can like live on my website that people can pay me for. So what should I use? It’s very easy to have all of you suggest your things to me and you usually give me good tips like the CapCut thing. Very much appreciated. So is there a good video software to do this to basically like create, I feel like it would be the same software people use to create like an online course. I just don’t know what that is. So would love all the suggestions and thanks so much for listening to that whole story.