Navigating the Technological Era: A Wake-Up Call to the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Job Market

Hey, y’all. Hey, issue girl. Mel, be the master of motivation. I just came to love on you, encourage you and motivate you. This I do want you to do is to pay attention because you know you got the attention of a net and you always want to scroll past information that could typically help you. What I realized in the last few weeks is this right here. Yeah, we celebrate wins, not really knowing what all in it’s entailed in the win or in our Celebration. Break it down for us. What I’m saying is sometimes we’re celebrating things that just don’t make sense, and there are a lot of things going on right before our eyes that we need to be paying attention into, but what we’re distracted by is Kendrick Lamar. We’re distracted by the Meg gala and we’re distracted by Drake, which is none of our business and not in most of our text bracket.

Now today, what I want you to do is to put your ear to the screen, cuz I want you to listen very carefully as I’m sharing information that you need. Now, I don’t know if you know it or not, but baby, not only are you and I struggling financially, baby, the United States is, too. Can you say $34 trillion in debt? I wanna help you all understand, too, within the next five years, there’s going to be a very drastic change. If you think layoffs are heavy right now, then just watch throughout the next five years as technology is taken over. You all realize that artificial intelligence is the next big thing. They’re kind of like the next big thing since the internet heat. And y’all know we consume with the internet, literally AI is replacing the jobs that you and I put our hard work, sweating years in. And y’all are sitting around wondering like, hey, we excited about AI. You can write a school paper is doing everything we need, all while they’re preparing for it to substitute you and I out of our seats now. Hey, Willman. Fred, I want you to pay attention because if you’re not listening to me, who are you listening to? I want you to hear this and hear this clearly. I understand that people made millions of dollars off of doing digital products in Shopify’s, but let me help you understand what’s about to happen.

The technological era has officially taken over. If you see, everything now is based off of artificial intelligence. If you understand, a lot of parents didn’t realize why it is that I can’t tell my kids that 2+2 was 4 without telling them that Jimmy had two apples. Powerhead 2, take two away, put two back, skip, hop and divide another one just to get four. It is because of what they’re trying to teach our kids and what they need to know when it comes to technology. And a lot of us parents just complain, not even realizing that a lot of things that happen right before our eyes, y’all, and we’re ignoring it. But this is because they want to say, hey, we told you, but you weren’t paying attention. This is why on my platform, I like to give you the information that could change your situation. Let me break some news to you.

235,000 jobs, people were laid off last year. This is all because the industrial age is about to be long. Not only that, US middle income people to be completely wiped out, all because things are changing right before our eye. People who are in manufacturing, that was a thing. It used to be.

But now if you realize, pay attention, AI now is handling HR. It’s not a human being anymore. It is an actual system, applicant tracking system, artificial intelligence, who now helps hire. If you realize now, I saw a robot yesterday cooking food as a chef. Alright, now, if you realize now they can build a home very quickly all through systems of AI.

Now what? Now robots are handling everything. Artificial intelligence handling everything from car manufacturing, measuring to trucking. All these things are happening right before your eyes. Don’t scroll here. What I need for you to understand is that there’s going to be a lot of replacements going on and a bunch of us are not going to be ready. We’re gonna look up and it’s gonna be too late.

So what I did was I took some notes because I don’t want my sister, brother, cousins to be in the outside looking in. And all you had to do was pay attention right before you. So the industrial world as we know it is rapidly evolving into a new era dominated by what technology? Artificial intelligence, AI. And robotics.

Listen, this transition is reshaping the job market, transform forming traditional industries and redefining the skills needed for future employment, right? Manufacturing, automation and robotics are specifically reducing the need for human labor. And I, it says, the World Economic Forum predicts that by 2025,85 million jobs may be displaced by a shift in division of labor between humans, a machine. 85,000 people. 85,000. That’s just a prediction.

Let me tell you that if it works, they will begin to replace even more people by robotics, artificial intelligence in technology. The next thing I want to tell you says transportation, self driving vehicles and drones are set to replace many jobs in logistic and in transportation. Baby, the adoption of these kind of trucks is going to replace people. Delivery robots are expected to accelerate within the coming years. Banking and finance, the old banking system is being overhauled by fintech innovations and blockchain. Remember that I told you, you need to be looking at blockchain fast as you can and you need to be looking up fintech innovations. This is important. They’re streamlining operations and reducing their needs for human. Alright. It says, according to the report by Mckinney Global Institute, by 2030, up to 375 million workers worldwide will need to switch occupational categories due to automation. The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2026,23% of jobs will be displaced and disrupted by AI and robotics. Hear me? You gotta be with me when I’m right.

The cost of living is likely to increase as the economic, the economy, excuse me, shifts. Why is this? Factors contributing to this include the cost of research skill and workers and implementing new technologies that are going to be replacing and disrupting supply chain. Pay attention healthcare technology, innovations in medical technology, telemedicine and AI driven diagnostics are creating new business. These opportunities and job roles and healthcare sectors, meaning they don’t have to have a human to tell you that you got a common code.

Now we’re doing telemedicine, right? I know some nurses who are already hopping out and doing house calls, getting back to the basics, cyber security, increasing digital, digital, the digital world and cyber security has become Paramount. Listen. Businesses and governments require robust security measures to protect data, meaning that we’re gonna have to try to get some new certifications. Fintech and blockchain financial technology is revolutionizing itself, y’all and banking, payments and investments, blockchain developers, fintech specialist and digital currency experts are in high demand. Listen, these are places that you can go and get some certifications. AI and machine learning certification courses from Corsa, edx, these certifications from tech companies, Google, IBM. For our career in cyber security, we’re shifting data science and analytics. Renewable energy certification, y’all, we need a fintech and blockchain. I’m saying these things because you need to know it. If nobody is speaking it, you may be lost behind not understanding.

They said that by 2025, the cost of living listen up 25% if you don’t start to shift from manufacturing and the things that you will not even be needed for, sitting around waiting on somebody to tell you to move. I’m the somebody you need to start paying attention or you’re gonna be left behind. I know this may be scary for some people because many of you all have been on jobs for 20 and 30 years and the companies already know that they’re going to reply you. They just don’t want you to quit it. They still need you. They’re still preparing. They’re still training AI. They’re still trying to get your processes. Sops, the humans have already done everything. Now they’ve watched you, studied you. Now they’re gonna teach the robots to replace you. I don’t want anybody on my, and not at least my followers to lose out. I want try to get a grip to pay attention to what is happening right before your eyes. Many of us will say, oh, I didn’t know mail. I didn’t even know about it. 2026, when the middle class is wiped away, where we can’t afford to eat, then pay for groceries and pay rent and mortgages, this is going to be a scary phase for us. And if you’re not paying attention, if you’re not listening, if Kendrick Lamar and Drake have your attention, if Diddy has consumed you, if I raise a. Lisa is on the power tour matters, then you are the problem. I just want you to understand. Nobody should be left behind because there’s too much information out here being given out and they’re gonna tell us what we told you. So you just weren’t paying attention.

This is the day for everyone to watch this video, share it, save it, favorites it I just gave you a ton of information nation that could change your situation in a matter of 10 minutes. All you had to do was listen, make sure you comment what city and state you’re from, make sure you comment the industry you work in. Make sure you say me, Mel, I heard you. Make sure that we’re sharing this so other people can understand and adhere it and utilize it. This is important information. I’m just coming to bless somebody’s life, to help you out. I just came to love on encourage you and motivate you.