Superman’s Epic Stealing and Dunking Challenge: From 75 Vertical to 1 Million

Now we got Superman upgrade to a 75 vertical. And my next challenge is five steels. Now to get these five steels, it’s gonna be extremely tough because we’re still on hall of Fame. And also we got Luca and Kyrie, which is gonna be super hard to steal the ball from them. And we got one foul right there, which means five more and we foul out. Come on, Superman, we can do this. Just gotta poke it loop.

Oh, we got one right there. Let’s go all the way.

Can we lay it up? Maybe dunk the ball. Oh, he almost dunk the ball, but we missed the layup. Let’s try this again. Maybe we can poke it loose right here on inbound. Man, that was almost a foul. We can’t foul out, guys. We gotta be careful. Oh, wheels got another seal right there.

But guys, we just could get it. And guys, we just steal. Yes, that’s still No. 2. Let me get the lay up. And we missed.

It, but we got fell. So that’s two steals. Let’s go and knock down this fritto shot right there. And let’s try going for this inbound pass. Steel right here on Kyrie, maybe. Yeah, good luck. That’s two files, guys, 4 more. And we foul out the fact that the Dallas has passed it to Kyrie now. It’s gonna make us so much more difficult to steal this ball.

Oh, we got it. Yes, come on. All the way. Let me get a self love, eh? Yes. He actually ducked it with the 75 vertical. There is no.

Way. See if I can get another one right here on Kyrie again. I’m gonna catch him off guard.

And whoa, we got it. Nobody would have a bounce.

24 seconds remaining in the first. Hopefully we can get one right here before for the quarter is over.

And. Oh, yes, come on, yo, Superman is going off right now. Can we get the pass?

And we missed. And with only one more steal needed to complete this challenge, Superman did this.

Right here. Oh, look good. Yes. Can we steal it? Does that count? Iyo actually county. Toss it in. Pass it out to Superman. Can we get a lamp to complete this challenge? Let’s go.

That was an amazing ceiling of that man. He actually doped for the ball, sue. And we almost went on a bounce. Pass it on, sue and.

Beat it. Got a layout with Superman. Let’s.

Go. And with that challenge complete, Superman now has a 99 vertical. And for my next challenge, I need to get five 5 dunks. And if we complete this, we unlock our final challenge against a supervillain. And with the 99 vertical, Superman starts to get a superpowers back. And let’s see if we can get past Dilo right here.

For the dunk from the free dollar.

Let’s go. How about a contact dunk right here on LeBron James? Come around the screen right here. Come around this way. Can we get.

A contact all abroad? No, we.

Missed it. Try to get maybe on Anthony Davis. We got a time to dunk, though. And. Oh, he’s, he’s.

Super quick, but we just mistyped it again.

Give another shot right here. Come on, Superman. We gotta time the dunk. It is.

On hall of Fame, though. But I know he could do it. He could do it. And it goes in under early release timing. There is no way. What a.

Dog next I’m gonna attempt a allow you. So let’s get a Paris right here and have super mech come up. And let’s even get a nice duck right here, too. Super.

Bad. Can we get it? Yes, sir. That’s three dunks. All we need now. Just two. Bored.

Now since he does have a 9 dunk grading and it is Superman, how about a dunk from the 3 point line.

Right there? No win. That was a 3 point light poster duck on Austin Reeves and it counted as a 3 pointer. Y’all.

Check that out. With that guys, we now just need one more dump and I wanna get like a self love right here. Can we get a self.

Love to complete this challenge right here to Superman. Let’s go. Challenge complete.

And with that challenge complete, Superman is now a 1 million everything. But we have one final challenge, and that’s it gets Bizaro. And there’s Bizarro, a imperfect clone of Superman. I think Superman is ready to take on bizarre. Let’s see what he can do. But before I attempted my final challenge, I wanted to test Superman’s 1 million vertical. Get some hate side. Oh, a nice angle.

Breaker. And he does a front flip. Eddie makes the shot. Yo.

Okay. Superman is actually your people. I want to see some hate time. I can steal that ball. There you go. Here we go, man. Let me get some hate time right.

Here from Superman. Can we don’t get. Let’s go. Yo.

Okay, guys. I think we see it enough, man. We are now ready to do our challenge on bizarre. Basically, I gotta get a full court contact dunk on him, right? Okay, okay. That was a nice block from Superman. But yo guys, I’m gonna attempt it from the 3 point line first and see if Superman can throw this one down on bizarre. Then I’m gonna attempt from full.

Court. And there it is. Yo, what a dunk.

Now we’re ready to get the full court dunk. We’re getting double team right here. And I’ll see if we can get it right here in our first attempt.

And he shoots it instead and makes.

It. Okay, we’re gonna double teamed again. Hopefully we can actually throw it down now on bizarre.

Full poor and go. Hopefully.

This time around we can finally do it right here again, guys, we need to get double teamed and we got a dunk on bizarro. This is super difficult to do and super rare. And.

Get this. Come on. Yes, we did it. And just like that, we dug with Superman Apazzaro from full court and upgrade his vertical to 1 million.