Film Adventures: A Week of Diverse Movie Viewings

Happy Sunday, everyone. Hears everything that I watched. The week of April 14th,2024 started Sunday off with the Irishman, which is on my Criterion Challenge 2024, followed by the Netflix original film stolen, which was a lot better than I thought it would be. I then followed that up with the Japanese stop motion film junkhead, which would make for a good double feature with mad god. Went to the local theater after that to watch Arcadian, the new Nick Cage film, which I found incredibly disappointing.

On Monday, I started the day with starter for 10, a nice old film featuring James Mcvoy and Benedict Amber Batch, followed by the animated film 100% Wolf, which looks exactly how it unbox. After that, I watched the Nina Mankins’film, The Bloodied Child, which it’s honestly a step down from the last Nina Mankah’s film that I saw, but still has a lot of interesting stuff to say. Then I went to the nearby ANC to watch the latest ANC screen unseen, Spy Family Code White, which probably had the most walkouts of any AMC screen unseen I’ve ever been in.

Tuesday, I start things off with a watch of the Jack Black film Gulliver Stravel, which was awful. Then while I was cooking breakfast, I tuned into the Criterion Channels 24,7 US feed, which they were playing playtime by Jacques Tati. It’s still one of my favorite films ever. After that, I watched touch agree, The Amazing Lives of the Fast Food Drifters, which had a really neat and unique animation style to it.

I then watch the Netflix original film, a journey From the Philippines. If you know anything about Filipino dramas, this is more of the same. Then I watch Deep Black Throat and it’s accompanying video essay. Ajita Wilson, an elusive icon. It’s really cool that a trans woman was seen as this big sex symbol during, in the exploitation era.

Then I watched the Netflix original Love Divided. I don’t know what it is about these Spanish language ROM comes, but I’m loving them. Then I watched candy, which should apparently it’s been like so grossly maligned, but I honestly found it very campy. Then I did a rewatch of Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken, and it just did not said as nicely as it did the first time I saw it in theaters then, because I will mention it to friends, I rewatched the Bob’s Burger short film has a fever. And now that I said that out loud, the song from that is stuck in my head again. Started off Thursday with The Autopsy of Jane Do, which is a very nice self contained horror film. Followed it up with Damian Oman too. This was actually the very first only film that I ever saw way back in the day. It was very nice to revisit it.

Then I did a rewatch of Rebel Moon, part 1 of child of fire, because the new one is coming, was coming out the next day and I thought it would be funny to follow up with.

Red Sun finished off Thursday with three wishes for Cinderella. I love films from the Czech Republic. They have this odd charm to them that I just adore. Then on Friday, I start things off with throw Mama from the train. Very funny. I love the nods to Hitchcock throughout the film. Then I watched Wendy finish saving the world. Thus, this was a very difficult watch for me, given my own relationship with my mother. Then I went and watched a bunch of short films that were nominated for an Oscar. Pearl, let’s pollute Octapodi. I’m at the warm risk, and if anything happens, I’ll love you. This is all because I found out about Oscars Death Race and now I’m hooked. It turned watching films into a game again. Then I went to the local theater to watch Abigail, which was incredibly fun, more fun than it had any right to be when I got back home, I watched The Last Repair Shop, another Oscar nominated, a short film. And then I watched Rebel Moon part to the scar giver, which was awful.

Finally, on Saturday, I watched a morning stroll, followed by Lamison and Petty Cubes. Then on Saturday, I started things off with another slew of short films. A Morning Stroll, LA Maison and Petty Cubes, go for broke and 50% Gray. Then I watch Fried Green Tomatoes because I love coffee baits. And then I watched the short film please Hold.

Rounding things off on Saturday, before my Dungeons and Dragons came, I watched 1990 Sevens Hero, which is a remake of The Boxer from Shen Teng. I find hero to be vastly superior, even if some of the story elements get lost because they decided to play, blend together a bunch of genres that were popular in Hong Kong at the time. Anyways, that’s it for this week.

If you want my more in depth thoughts about the stuff that I watched, feel free to leave a comment. Ask me to go more in detail about one of these films that are watched, or follow me on letterbox at Caxby Kaxbe.