Navigating Work Permit Refusals: Understanding Spousal Open Work Permit Requirements

I applied for a spousal open work permit, which got refused. And the reason for refusal comes out to be that you did not satisfy the officer that your spouse works in and of 0 a B job and hence you do not meet the eligibility requirement. A lot of folks are getting their spouse and open work for it’s refused with this reasoning. It’s the most common reason. And in this video, we’re gonna talk about this.

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Now, before we move into the Swazzo open work permit and why it gets refused, let’s talk about the comment of the week. So Sammy over here asks us, for this program, there is no need to be eligible or apply through the Express Entry. Well, we’re talking about the Nova Scotia Skilled Worker stream. So yes, no need to apply for Express Entry. This is a non expressentry program. You apply to Nova Scotia PNP, you get the nomination and then you apply to the federal government through the PNP class. You don’t need to be eligible for Express Entry. I hope this answers your question, Samya. And in case you need assistance, you can contact us for your free consultation.

Now, the common reason and the most common reason for sowp refusal is not satisfying the immigration officer that your spouse is working in Canada on, in a job that falls under tier 0,1,2,3, and now with the Public Policy 4 or 5. But you still need to satisfy the officer with the proper DOC segmentation for the sowp refusal for folks whose spouses are students. Again, there is a common reason that you did not satisfy that a student is a full time student in good standing in Canada and hence they end up refusing the application.

Now before we move for a dyes, a lot of DIY do it yourself applicants face this refusal. And the main reason for this refusal is that they go online to the GCK account. They say, apply for a work permit. They answer the set of questions that are asked. And by the end of the questions that they’ve answered, they get a customized checklist, which they think is customized by RCC. But that customized checklist they look at and based on that customized checklist, they fill the forms and they upload the required documents as per the checklist.

Now here’s where the problem is. You think when applying by yourself, that checklist is complete. However, that checklist that is generated is still a generic checklist that is not custom and that does not include everything that must be added to a work permit application. Hence, a lot of people, when they apply using that checklist that appear buyers on their GCK account, they end up getting refused. And the reason is, well, they have not satisfied or provided the required documentary evidence.

Now you may ask that if that checklist does not give you what is needed, how the hell do you know, how do you find out what documents are required and how to satisfy an officer? Well, the easiest way is you have to check the LMA exemption code under which you are applying. For example, for sowp, for students and workers, you have to select that relevant exemption code. You need to know that and you need to check the documentary evidence requirement for that particular exemption code. For example, for the spouses of high skilled workers, the LMI exemption code is C41. If you go into this details of this exemption code, it has the documentary evidence that is required and you need to include this documentary evidence as a part of your application, even if it’s not asked by the GCP online checklist, if you want your application to be approved here, for example, under the Documentary Evidence section, you can see they have mentioned clearly the evidence that the principal foreign national, and that is your sponsor, that is your spouse, is employed in Canada full time under tier 0,1,2 or 3 occupation. And with that proof, you would be able to satisfy an officer for this requirement. Other than that, they ask for some evidence to prove your relationship with the sponsor, with your spouse. They need to see the legal status of your spouse and they need to see that the spouse is status is valid for 6 months or more at the time you submit the application. Otherwise the application will be refused.

Similarly guys for most of the other work permit applications, you need to make sure to dig into the details of the exemption code words and understand what the documentary evidence requirement is. Otherwise, your application will be refused. Ircc very seldom, Lee, or rarely they’ll give you a chance to submit new documents or ask for more. They just send you the refusal letter. So now you applied to bring your spouse to Canada and it’s been, you applied in January, it’s April, it’s been 4 months. And after 4 months, you receive a refusal. That is very disheartening, right? So make sure you don’t just go by the instructions or the checklist that is generated by the GCP account that is incorrect, that is not complete.

You want to make sure you dig into the details here on this page about LMI exemption codes. You can find all the exemption codes. And if you go into the details, you will find the documentary evidence pertaining to every exemption code. That’s it for today, guys.

I hope this gave you an idea why your spouse’s work permit was refused or why any work permit that you applied was refused? Well, probably because you did not include the necessary documents.

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